Pea broth with cheese recipe

pea soup recipe

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like a hot broth. A broth that surprises everyone who tastes it is the Pea broth, it is a super creamy broth, the flavor is very smooth.

pea soup recipe

The other day, I went to dinner at a famous restaurant in Porto Alegre, it was very cold, so one of the most requested dishes was the Pea broth, I had never tasted it and since then it has become one of my favorite dishes.

This recipe could not be left out, now you can make it at home, it’s ready very quickly, it’s that kind of recipe that we can make a few hours before consuming, check it out:

Pea broth with cheese

200 grams of cooked dry peas
2 scoops of green seasoning
1 heavy cream (200 grams)
100 grams of polenguinho cheese
30 grams of gorgonzola
1 teaspoon sugar
Pepper and salt to taste
Cooking water to set the point

Preparation mode:
First of all, cook the 200 grams of dried peas in the pressure cooker for 15 minutes.

Now, in another pan, saute a spoon of green seasoning and add the cooked peas with the cooking water and keep stirring, add salt to taste, a teaspoon of sugar, the cream, cream cheese (I used polenguinho) and gorgonzola .

If you want, you can use another cheese you prefer.

Soon after, mix and reduce until the broth is very creamy. takes about 10 minutes, keep stirring so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

Anyway, serve with homemade bread strips, the broth is not broken normally, the peas melt completely. Therefore, it is important to cook the peas in the pressure cooker.

pea soup

This pea broth for taking cheese should not be frozen. But if you want to make a broth to freeze, I suggest you make our recipe for green corn broth, which is also a very creamy broth.

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