Thin pancake batter

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Thin pancake batter

15 min.

10 servings

Perfect pancakes? If before, the main challenge was to get the dough right, from this post on everything will be easier. Today’s recipe will teach you how to make a thin pancake dough recipe very easy and tasty!

Different from the American style of pancakes, the recipe that we are going to propose, French, is a lighter and thinner dough. Want to see?


– 1 cup (tea) milk;
– 1 cup (tea) Wheat Flour Venturelli;
– 1 tablespoon butter;
– 1 large egg.
– Salt and pepper to taste

Want quality products?  Choose Famiglia Venturelli!

Method of preparation

Beat in a blender, first liquid ingredients (milk, egg and butter), then add the Venturelli Wheat Flour, incorporating the entire mixture so that it does not become lumpy.

Venturelli’s essential tip is to season the dough with pepper, garlic and then salt.

In the skillet, if it is not non-stick, grease it with butter before adding the mixture.

Measure a ladle of dough into the pan, making a circular motion to spread it out better. Thereby, the dough will be very thin.

Over low heat, wait until the dough comes off the bottom. That done, turn it over and let it fry on the other side.

And that’s it! Place on plate and serve with whatever filling you want.

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