12 oil-free popcorn recipes to test right now


Nothing like popcorn for a delicious, practical aperitif, is there? If you want a healthy fit or don’t have any oil at home, no problem! We’ve separated amazing recipes from sweet to salty popcorn without oil for you to enjoy! Prepare the film and come with us!

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1. Oil-free popcorn in the regular pot

If you want practicality, this recipe is for you! The only ingredient is popcorn. Apart from that, you’ll need a regular pan and salt to season. Mara, right? So, check it out step by step and play it in the kitchen!

2. Oil-free popcorn in pressure cooker

This is a simple, healthy and delicious option of salt popcorn. Just heat the pressure cooker, add the corn and stir the pan while they pop. The result? Dry, crunchy popcorn, just like it should be!

3. Oil-free microwave popcorn

Now that’s practical! Here, you learn how to make microwave popcorn with corn for popcorn and the best: no need for any oil! No stove, no dirty or industrialised pan!

4. Oil-free popcorn in the oven

It sounds strange, but that’s it: you can make popcorn in the oven! Just put the popcorn in a paper bag, close it tightly, put it in a baking pan and take it to the oven for about 15 minutes. Incredible, isn’t it?

5. Popcorn without oil, with water and salt


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Put corn, water and salt in a glass container, cover with plastic film, drill holes in the plastic and take it to the microwave. It’s that simple! Check out the recipe and you’re out of the kitchen!

6. Oil-free popcorn with paprika

The seasoning makes all the difference, doesn’t it? In this video, you learn how to make microwave popcorn with the special taste of paprika! If you prefer, add another seasoning of your own taste. It’s worth unleashing your creativity and creating amazing flavors!

7. Oil-free popcorn with pepper sauce

Pepper lovers will fall in love with this popcorn! It’s very easy and it tastes unique. Ah, it doesn’t need oil. Take a look at the video and know how to prepare it!

8. Sweet popcorn without oil

If you love sweet popcorn, this is your moment! Here, you see how to make sweet popcorn without using oil and break the secret for all the grains to burst. It’s worth checking out!

9. Sweet popcorn without oil and with demerara sugar

For a healthier popcorn option, you will need to take the popcorn corn to the microwave until it pops. Then just make a syrup with demerara sugar, brown sugar, cocoa, a pinch of salt and water. Finally, pour the syrup into the popcorn and voilà: crunchiness and health in the right measure!

10. Oil-free chocolate popcorn


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Popcorn and chocolate, can you imagine the combination of these two delights? Make the popcorn in the microwave. Once it’s ready, pass it in some bitter melted chocolate and take it to the freezer for 5 minutes. Incredible, huh? Take a look at the recipe and run and make yours!

11. Oil-free sago popcorn

Have you ever had sago popcorn? Believe me, it’s delicious! Healthy, tasty and practical. Oh, and the best thing is that it doesn’t have the peel or the conventional popcorn core. Follow the video and see the step by step of this amazing option!

12. Oil-free chocolate fit popcorn

You love chocolate, but you want to stick to your diet? We’ll help you! This sweet popcorn without oil is the perfect option, since the syrup is made with cocoa powder and whey. Check it out!

Did you see how you can make amazing popcorn without using oil? Enjoy it and be sure to make yours! If you are a fan of delicious and practical snacks, you need to check out these options of frying pan cake!

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