11 delicious recipes to make at home


The blender bread is perfect to make at home and have that incredible smell of bread everywhere. We separate for you mouth-watering recipes with sweet, salty, wholemeal and stuffed buns. Check it out now!

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1. Blender milk bread


In this recipe, you can make at home a milk bread just like the bakery. There are two essential steps: mix the ingredients in the blender and then gradually add the flour as the dough is shaped. To check all the ingredients and step by step, watch the full video.

2. Soft mass blender bread

The best part of this recipe is that you don’t have to knead the dough: you beat the wet ingredients in the blender and then put the mixture in a bowl to add the yeast, salt and flour.

3. Cute blender bread

In this recipe, you don’t have to beat the bread either. Here, grated coconut and essence are added to the dough, giving it an unmistakable taste.

4. Integral blender bread

Nothing better than a bagel made with wholemeal and oatmeal, huh? In this preparation, the fluffy aspect and the smooth taste of oats are guaranteed.

5. Blender bread with dry yeast

The enchanted house

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How about a recipe that takes only wheat flour, oil, milk, yeast, sugar and salt? But don’t stop there: you can increase your bread by placing grated parmesan, oats or flaxseed on top. In addition, you can freeze it for up to 6 months. Check out the complete recipe, with all the tips.

6. Potato blender bread

With super easy to find ingredients, this recipe has baked potatoes as its protagonists, as they are responsible for the wonderful taste of the so traditional potato bread.

7. Onion blender bread

The onion cubes are what make this preparation different and delicious. The result is very cuddly breads, with a soft onion taste that will conquer everyone!

8. Blender bread stuffed with ham and cheese

The stuffed bread has our heart, because it is the right choice for a supercomplete and mouth-watering snack. Here, the dough is traditional and the filling is made with ham, cheese, tomatoes and oregano.

9. Blender bread stuffed with calabrese

This recipe is beautiful because the calabresa gives a special touch and is visible on top of the bread, giving it an extra colour next to oregano. This preparation is great for those who want to sell, so enjoy!

10. Blender sweet bread with milk

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Hello, bun lovers! Check out this home-made bun recipe without beating, which only takes warm milk from a different kind. One tip is to use a form of hole in the middle, to reach the perfect thickness.

11. Condensed milk blender bread

For a more incremented roll, bet on this recipe where the condensed milk is added to the dough. You don’t even need to knead, because half of the process is done in a blender and the other half in a bowl. If you want to put a dulce de leche topping on top of it, it’s more than free!

Who there also felt like testing these suggestions? Better yet, serve it with a cup of coffee. So, check out these creamy coffee recipes too.

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