12 supergosed recipes for you to test


The Australian bread has a dark, soft and slightly sweetened dough. It is perfect to be served warm, only with butter, and even stuffed with hamburger. Versatile in this way, it is worth having a recipe on your sleeve to prepare at the time that it beats that desire. To do so, check out the options on the list below!

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1. Australian bread with honey

The proposal of this recipe is to use some whole flour and cocoa to obtain the color of the dough. To sweeten the bread, the tip is to use honey. In this way, you get an extremely tasty result that will be a great success on your table.

2. Australian bread with rye flour

This is a recipe where the bread is made with three flours: white wheat, whole wheat and rye. The sweet taste is made with honey and brown sugar. Powdered chocolate is also part of the preparation, which is extremely simple to follow. Even so, the taste will win you over!

3. Australian bread with cocoa powder

White wheat flour, whole wheat flour, cocoa powder, honey, brown sugar, yeast, water, salt, butter and yeast are the ingredients used in this recipe. Here, the time in the oven is about 35 minutes. Then, just taste your bread!

4. Australian bread with cane molasses

How about giving a Brazilian touch to Australian bread using sugarcane syrup? The preparation consists of mixing the dry ingredients and, in the sequence, water, cane molasses, butter and salt. Then, just let the dough rest for 40 minutes, cut it and take it to the oven to bake.

5. Australian bread with sponge

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You want to make a recipe just like the Outback? Then there’s more to check that option. Here, the preparation mode is extremely simple, but you need a little patience in the preparation. After all, the dough needs to grow and bake. As a result, you get a bread that looks rustic and tastes divine.

6. Australian burger bread

Australian burger bread? That’s right. Since the dough on this bread is extremely soft, it goes very well with this shape. Not to mention the slightly sweet taste goes very well with meat!

7. Australian bread with chocolate powder

Powdered chocolate is a sure ingredient to make your bread darker and add flavour. But it’s not worth chocolate, okay? It is very sweet and can interfere with the final taste of your dough.

8. Australian bread with honey and molasses

Want to add a little complexity to the sweet touch of your bread? Then this recipe that takes honey and sugarcane syrup is a great choice. For the finishing, the tip is still to use coarse ground corn flour. Here, the time in the oven is about 40 minutes.

9. Australian bread with brown sugar

In this recipe, honey and brown sugar are used to the same extent to sweeten the bread. Besides these ingredients, you will also need water, butter, white, whole wheat and rye flour, powdered chocolate, salt, organic yeast and cornmeal.

10. Light Australian bread

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Do you also have a light option? Of course it does! Besides counting on few calories, this is a recipe where the dough doesn’t need to be beaten or grown. In other words, you just mix all the ingredients, put the dough in a baking pan and bake it in the oven. Pure practicality!

11. Australian bread fit

That’s a recipe that’s fit, gluten-free and lactose-free. Protein and nutritious, these are not the only advantages of this option. Here, the preparation is in the blender, which is synonymous with practicality. With all this, it’s worth checking the video step by step!

12. Gluten-free Australian bread

Being gluten-free, this is a recipe that takes a mix of flours: rice, flaxseed and almonds, not to mention the addition of sweet sprinkles and corn starch. Using these ingredients, you get a very soft dough, even without using wheat flour.

As you can see, there are several recipes to test and all of them are very tasty: just choose your favorite and go to the kitchen. And if you love homemade pasta and want to see other suggestions, banana bread is a sweet option for your day!

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