12 very easy and tasty recipes

Do you want very easy and tasty recipes of eggplant au gratin? Follow the story we prepared for you! It’s for all tastes: simple, vegetarian, spicy, incremented and low carb. Check it out now!

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1. Eggplant gratin simple

Simple and great recipe to make for lunch or dinner. A tip is to cut the eggplants also in slices, the proportional size of the tomatoes. This way, they fit right in and are much more practical when it comes to eating!

2. Eggplant au gratin with tomato sauce

Here the eggplants are diced and stewed with the tomato sauce. Then just put them on a platter with sliced mozzarella on top and you’re done!

3. Eggplant au gratin with curd and peppers

If you like creaminess, curd cheese is the right ingredient to add to your eggplant. Follow Chef João Deluca’s channel step by step and surprise yourself!

4. Aubergine tower gratin

This recipe delight comes with a hint to take the bitterness out of the eggplant. Put them cut into a drainer, add salt and wait about 30 minutes until they release a liquid. Then, just leave them to drain a little more and wash them to start the preparation.

5. Eggplant au gratin with ricotta and tomato sauce

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In this option, the eggplants are cut into slices – which guarantees a very nice assembly. For the sauce, a crema de ricotta is made, with this cheese, eggs, grated parmesan cheese, oregano and salt. It looks wonderful!

6. Eggplant gratin with cream cheese


Cream cheese and grated Parmesan cheese are essential in this recipe because they guarantee irresistible texture and taste! Step by step, several tips are given, it’s worth taking a look!

7. Eggplant au gratin with curd, potatoes and mushrooms

It’s no accident that the recipe is called eggplant gratin plus. Since it brings a combination of spices like lemon pepper and spicy paprika. In addition, it brings Paris mushrooms, potatoes, parmesan and curd cheese, ingredients that make a mega-tastifying dish!

8.Eggplant au gratin with minced meat

More traditional preparation, with the intensified taste of black pepper, green smell and a touch of lemon, which are added when sautéing the ground meat. The Parmesan cheese and oregano are perfect to finish this delicious option!

9. Eggplant au gratin with white sauce and ground meat

How about a gratin dish made with a blend of sauces? That’s sensational, because it’s got the bolognese sauce and the white sauce. A combination that guarantees a supreme result!

10. Eggplant gratin with bacon

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In addition to bacon, you add other flavorful items such as calabresa, ground meat, paprika and tomatoes. And don’t stop there: cover all that with white sauce and mozzarella cheese!

11. Eggplant breaded and au gratin with ground meat

Here, the eggplants are breaded before being taken to the oven to gratin. They also have a juicy tomato sauce made with ground meat, curry, paprika or paprika, cumin and coriander.

12. Eggplant gratin low carb


Very easy and quick preparation, which you can increase in any way you prefer. It is worth adding roasted tomatoes, onions, ricotta cream or opt for the simple, as is done in this recipe. Check out the blog step by step.

Impossible to resist those options, right? Even better is to accompany one of these preparations with a freshly made rice. For now, check out the matter with rice recipes to accompany the most varied dishes.

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