15 refreshing and simply delicious recipes

The Greek salad, originally called horiatiki salata, is a refreshing dish based on tomato, cucumber, purple onion, olives and feta cheese. For the seasoning, you can use only salt, pepper and olive oil. In the list below, you will learn how to make the simple version, as well as others more enhanced. Check it out:

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1. Simple Greek salad

Do you want practicality and at the same time delight yourself with all the flavour this salad has to offer? Then, check out this basic recipe, which is made only with tomato, cucumber, olive, purple onion and spices.

2. Greek salad with feta cheese

Besides tomatoes, cucumbers, purple onions, black olives and feta cheese, this recipe also includes green or yellow peppers. This way, your dish gets even more colorful and tasty. For the seasoning, you will need olive oil, salt, oregano, parsley, black pepper and vinegar. This last ingredient can still be replaced with lemon.

3. Greek salad with ricotta

Based on traditional ingredients, this recipe is enhanced with ricotta. This is a light and refreshing cheese, which goes very well with the salad proposal. Not to mention that it adds flavor without giving you extra work in the kitchen.

4. Greek salad with white cheese

Another alternative to vary a little when preparing your salad is to add the white cheese to the preparation. It has few calories and a mild taste, but already makes a difference in the result. It’s worth a try.

5. Greek salad with fine herbs

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The big difference in this recipe is in the seasoning. It is made with garlic, fine herbs, Sicilian lemon, dill and mint or mint. This way, the salad is extremely refreshing. This makes it an excellent option for hot days.

6. Greek salad with quinoa

Quinoa is considered a superfood, which makes its use even more nutritious. This is an ingredient that does not change much in taste, but gives an extra touch to the texture of the dish.

7. Greek salad with tomato glove and olive mix

Small, the tomato glove helps add extra charm to your salad. Not to mention you only have to cut it in half, which saves you the trouble in the kitchen. In addition, kalamata and green olives are used, which helps to give more colour and flavour to your dish.

8. Greek salad with dried curd

The dry curd is a food of Greek origin is that it is very consumed there. So it’s a perfect addition to your salad. Here, the dry curd is mixed with olive oil, spices and mayonnaise, making you get a very creamy sauce.

9. Greek salad with capers

Would you like a well-seasoned salad? Then, check out this recipe that brings purple onion, oregano, capers, olive oil, garlic, lemon and black pepper. For the salad itself, you will use tomato, cucumber, red pepper, green pepper, feta cheese and olives. The list of ingredients may not be the shortest, but the taste is worth it.

10. Greek salad with lettuce and yogurt

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Lettuce is a joker leaf to enhance your salad and the yogurt helps to give the dish creaminess. If you want, the suggestion is to add panko flour to give your salad a crispy touch. This way, the contrast of textures is simply irresistible.

11. Greek salad with parmesan basket

Want to innovate in the presentation and taste of your salad? Then this recipe is the perfect option for you to try. Here, the salad is made with tomato, cucumber, purple onion, olive and feta cheese. The basket is prepared only with melted parmesan cheese. Then it is moulded with the help of a glass. Without complications, the result is simply incredible.

12. Greek salad with Moroccan couscous

How about savoring different dishes of Mediterranean cuisine? Then, check out this recipe that combines the Greek salad with Moroccan couscous. The latter, as much as it originates from Morocco, is widely consumed in Mediterranean countries.

13. Greek salad with squid

Now, if you want to innovate in the kitchen, this recipe has several differentials. For starters, squid rings come on the scene, but it also takes toast and fresh minced cheese.

14. Greek vegan salad with tofu

To make a recipe free of ingredients of animal origin, but not composed only of vegetables and spices, it is worth betting on tofu. It has a neutral taste and a soft texture, which makes it blend very well with this salad.

15. Greek vegan salad with coriander

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To close the list, another vegan recipe that takes tofu, but counts with coriander as seasoning. Also, here you learn how to make a sauce with olive oil, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, sugar, salt and pepper to finish your salad.

Now that you’ve checked out so many amazing recipes, how about checking out tips for a perfect salad too? That way, it’s always easy to get a successful result.

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