13 different ways to prepare this delight

Bread is an indispensable food for many people and there are several versions to prepare it. One of them is pumpkin bread, which besides offering all the benefits of this fruit, can be made in several ways. Next, we have separated different ways of preparation for you to choose what you like best. Check it out!

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1. Cute pumpkin bread

For starters, a super easy recipe with very smooth results. Besides the bread, the video also teaches you how to make a doughnut. Watch the video and check out the secret to making the bread look so fluffy!

2. Pumpkin bread in a blender

Practicality is all good, isn’t it? So in this recipe, the blender will be your great ally. Beat all the ingredients in the blender and then add the result of the mixture to the flour and blow for about 10 minutes. To bake, bet on making little balls and have a different shape from bread.

3. Pumpkin bread

How about making little buns? That’s what you’ll learn in this recipe. Watch the video, write down all the ingredients and test this wonder. Enjoy your meal!

4. Vegan pumpkin bread

Are you vegan? Then you must know this recipe. The proposal is to teach you how to make a delicious pumpkin bread without using any ingredients of animal origin. The bread becomes a delight, besides using ingredients that are easy to find.

5. Pumpkin bread with coconut

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Here, besides preparing a delicious bread, you will also add grated coconut to the recipe and make it even more delicious. To do this, it’s very simple: after baking the breads, make a topping with condensed milk and milk, pass it on all the breads and put shredded coconut to finish.

6. Pumpkin bread with milk powder

How about a sweeter option from that recipe? In the video, you’ll learn how to model and bake bread dough. In addition, a technique is also taught so that each loaf is shaped like a pumpkin. Cute, isn’t it? If you want, fill the center of the loaves with pumpkin jam and coconut.

7. Low carb pumpkin bread

For those on a low-car diet, this is the ideal recipe. You will learn how to make a delicious pumpkin bread and still understand the differences between using industrialized coconut flour or homemade. Besides, this bread becomes very nutritious and gives satiety for longer!

8. Long fermentation pumpkin bread

In this alternative, you will learn a different way to prepare this bread: using long fermentation. In this case, the dough is not kneaded, but remains for 12 hours in the refrigerator so we can only take it to the oven. Best of all? Long fermentation can make digestion easier.

9. Pumpkin bread with oatmeal

Another light version of that bread. Here, you will use ingredients such as oatmeal, cheese, eggs and spices of your choice. The preparation is very simple: beat everything in the blender and bake for 30 minutes or even golden. The recipe yields 10 slices and is delicious!

10. Pumpkin bread with coconut flour

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Another lowcarb recipe around here. The quantities described in the recipe yield for two loaves of bread, so you can make it to share with the family or freeze it to eat when you feel like it. The preparation is very simple and the result is delicious.

11. Stuffed pumpkin bread

With easy to find ingredients, you’ll learn how to prepare a loaf of bread. The way to prepare it is simple and you will make the bread in the shape of balls and fill it with cream cheese. In 30 minutes it will be ready for you to taste.

12. Pumpkin vegan bread

Of course, we couldn’t leave the vegans on, could we? That’s why we brought another recipe of this bread adapted for a version that does not use ingredients of animal origin. It’s super simple to prepare, it’s delicious and has good ingredients.

13. Pumpkin bread with bacon

Finally, an amazing recipe for a pumpkin bread with bacon, which uses natural fermentation. You will cut the bacon into small pieces and add them to the dough. Then let it ferment at room temperature for three to four hours until the bread is ready to bake. Enjoy your meal!

So, have you chosen which recipe you’ll test for your next coffee? One thing’s for sure: they’re all very nutritious and tasty. Looking for more options to compose your snacks? How about checking out the preparation of an omelette fit?

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