18 recipes for you to test right now


Who doesn’t love cookies? They’re delicious and a great order for the afternoon snack. For a tasty and sweet meal, check out this selection of whole-grain cookie recipes and let’s go to the kitchen!

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1. Whole oat cookie

If you have oatmeal at home, test this recipe! It takes butter, flour, brown sugar and eggs. Mix it all together and add drops of chocolate to the dough. Ah, and prepare yourself for the smell that will take over the kitchen!

2. Whole oatmeal cookie with honey

This is for those who love practicality. Cookies are made in the processor, making the work easier. Watch the step by step video and run to make your recipe!

3. Whole cookie with chestnuts

If you’re a chestnut fan, watch the video and learn how to make full cookies with chestnuts. They’re delicious! Enjoy and make sure you have a snack today… How about it?

4. Whole banana and raisin cookie

The best thing about this recipe is that, besides being tasty, it’s very healthy: you won’t need sugar or butter. Follow the preparation instructions and enjoy these banana cookies!

5. Whole cookie with cornstarch

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This recipe takes brown sugar, oil, oats, flour, corn starch and a few other delicacies. You choose between adding drops of chocolate or pieces of chestnuts. Or both, why not?

6. Whole cookie with chia and linseed

For a more nutritious meal, use chia and linseed. In addition, oats, eggs, granola, whole wheat flour and brown sugar. Mara, right? Make yours and enjoy!

7. Whole Apple Cookie

These cookies are easy to set and have a unique taste! The apple gives a special touch to the recipe, and the point is given with water, making everything even healthier. You won’t want to eat anything else, it’s worth a try!

8. Functional whole oat cookie

How about a vegan option? This one has flavorful ingredients and nothing of animal origin. Oats, brown sugar, coconut… Test it out and be successful!

9. Whole cocoa and chia bean cookie

You will use the hydrated and beaten chia seeds. Besides, this recipe takes cocoa powder, which gives a special taste and reminds you of chocolate. You can already imagine the smell!

10. Chocolate whole cookie with granola and chestnuts

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This is a healthy option without giving up taste! You can opt for more nutritious ingredients, which makes it even better. Oh, and that’s a stuffed option! Click on the video and learn the step-by-step of this delight.

11. Whole cookie with chocolate drops

If you’re a lover of that traditional cookie with chocolate drops, this is your moment! The difference is that here the cookie is integral. The result is impeccable, you need to try it!

12. Whole banana, oat and chocolate cookie

What a combination! The pasta is made with banana, oats, xylitol, coconut oil and egg. Drops of bitter chocolate come in to enhance this delicious recipe! It looks wonderful: healthy and melted chocolate… What are you waiting for?

13. Whole chocolate cookie without gluten, milk and eggs

Here, you learn a delicious recipe for chocolate cookie. Besides the chocolate pieces, it also has cocoa powder. Also, the video has options to replace the ingredients you don’t have or don’t like. Check it out!

14. Whole sweet potato cookie

Unusual, huh? But the result is amazing! Besides, it’s a healthy and practical possibility that counts with ingredients that you have out there. Check it out and make your sweet potato cookie right now!

15. Whole and vegan Cookie

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The obligatory ingredients of this recipe are banana, flaked oats and grated coconut. Simple, right? And then you can unleash your creativity and choose a special flavour. Cinnamon, orange, chestnuts… It’s vegan, healthy and delicious.

16. Integral and low-carbon Cookie

This low carb cookie is all good! It’s supersimple and easy to prepare, and delicious. It only goes with egg, almond and coconut flour, butter, xylitol, baking soda, cinnamon, essence and the best: pieces of bitter chocolate!

17. Chocolate whole and fit cookie

Make that recipe today! It’s fit, easy and the taste… You can’t even talk! Sure, it’ll win your heart and a place on your home menu.

18. Cookie integral fit and protein

That’s an overprotective option because it has whey protein in it. Besides, the recipe has peanut butter, which leaves that wonderful taste! Knead the ingredients with your hands, make little balls, add bits of bitter chocolate and bake. Then, just enjoy!

What are you waiting for to make your entire cookie recipe? Choose one of the options and play! And to go with it, how about a creamy hot chocolate?

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