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Typically Italian recipe, ravioli is a pasta with wheat and eggs very popular here in Brazil. This is because it is possible to use various fillings to compose this dish, from cheese and meat to mushrooms. Therefore, we have separated incredible recipes for you to prepare this delight at home. Check out!

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1. Fresh pasta for ravioli


How about learning to make a delicious ravioli dough taught by a chef? Check out more details in the video and try it now!

2. Ricotta ravioli

Here, the highlight is a tip to let the dough stick when folding: pass a little water or egg yolk with a brush. Also, try to get as much excess as possible out of the dough – otherwise, it won’t cook evenly.

3. Ham and cheese ravioli

Have you ever thought of stuffing this appetizer with ham and cheese? Delicious, isn’t it? And we still have an incredible suggestion for you: after frying them, put red sauce on top to add a special touch. Watch the video and see all the preparation details!

4. Four cheese ravioli

Cheese lovers will sigh with this recipe! Here, you will learn a super tip for ravioli to be all the same size. The preparation time is two to three minutes and it is very creamy.

5. Meat ravioli

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Here is a recipe for all tastes! As a suggestion, how about filling this snack with ground beef? Did your mouth water? Then, check out all the ingredients and the preparation method in the video.

6. Chicken ravioli

If you prefer chicken, this recipe is ideal for you! The tip for the filling to be delicious is to prepare a sauce with vegetables and chicken and then use a processor to leave the meat in the ideal consistency.

7. Mushroom ravioli

Here, you can use the mushrooms of your choice. The tip is to put them in little by little, so that everyone gets in contact with the frying pan and browns instead of releasing water and getting soggy. The result is incredible!

8. Egg yolk ravioli

In this recipe, fresh pasta contains two special ingredients: semolina grano duro (a different and yellowish flour of better quality) and egg yolks. The suggestion is to stuff them with mushrooms and spices like spinach and black pepper.

9. Green spinach ravioli

How about a lighter dish? The idea is to use spinach in the dough and also in the filling. Are you curious? Then, see more details in the video!

10. Ricotta and spinach ravioli

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Another delicious and healthy way to prepare this meal. Here, in addition to spinach, you will use ingredients that leave the nutritious mass and increase the feeling of satiety. Try it!

11. Pear ravioli

Do you want to dare to prepare this dish? So, you need to know this recipe. The filling used here consists of pear and provolone cheese. In addition, the dough lasts up to five days in the refrigerator or three months in the freezer.

12. Shrimp ravioli

Do you love seafood? Then, learn how to prepare this delicious shrimp ravioli and serve it with a wonderful red sauce. The result is super hot. Do it at home and see!

13. Cod ravioli with quail egg yolk

Finally, you will learn how to make this recipe with cod filling and quail egg yolk. After cooking the ravioli, you can serve it with a green sauce based on butter and chopped sage. Enjoy your food!

A more delicious recipe than the other, isn’t it? Now, how about preparing another dish of Italian cuisine and learning how to make delicious focaccia?

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