Brevity Recipe – Simple and Fast

recipe brevity

Some say it’s a cookie, others already consider it a cake. Today you will be able to make the best brevity recipe at home. The brevity seems a little like the traditional madeleine, but here it gets the Brazilian flavor in its recipe.

recipe brevity

With little time in the oven, this recipe will delight anyone who tastes it, because its lightness, combines with coffee or tea, whoever eats is enchanted.

original brevity

Brevity Recipe

400 grams of sweet powder
400 grams of refined sugar
2 spoons of butter
6 eggs
5ml of vanilla essence (one tablespoon)
Cloves and cinnamon to taste

Preparation mode:
First you must sift the powder well. Then preheat the oven to medium temperature (180°C).

Soon after, beat 6 whole eggs with sugar in your hand or in an electric mixer until they double in size and acquire a whitish color.

shortness mass

Then add the butter, cloves, cinnamon, ground fennel and vanilla essence (remembering that these seasonings are optional) then add the powder and mix to leave air in the dough. Then beat the dough to get well mixed.

Grease pie tins with butter and flour or you can use our homemade mold release recipe. and put the dough

brevity cake dough

Finally, bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes. When it’s flushed you can take it off.

Once ready, you can sift icing sugar over the top, it’s a charm, in addition to adding more flavor.


This recipe is a classic, very common in bakeries, the brevity is like a very light cake, it melts in your mouth. I’m sure after making this recipe, you won’t want to make another brevity recipe at home.

Here we are making it with manioc flour, but you can also change it and make this recipe with cornstarch, the famous cornstarch, which also works really well.

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