Caramel Banana – Complete Recipe

caramel banana recipe

These crispy, golden and fried banana dumplings are spectacular, usually, you find the caramelized banana in Chinese restaurants is quite successful.

Now, you will be able to make the caramelized banana in your house, it is very soft inside with a crunchy cone inside.

Here, we have already taught you how to make a salted caramel too, but this caramel is one of those crunchy, love apple style.

caramel banana recipe

Caramel Banana Recipe

Banana peel without peel 3 units.
80 ml of water.
300 ml of sugar.
1 liter of oil (for frying).

Pasta ingredients:
350 ml of water
1 egg white
300 grams of wheat flour
20 grams of baking powder
15 grams of corn starch
15 ml of soybean oil
Salt to taste

Preparation mode:
First, in a deep container, beat the flour with water, egg whites, salt and starch until the dough is very smooth and homogeneous.

Soon after, add the soy oil and keep beating. Add the yeast just before using the dough.

Heat the oil for frying to a medium temperature.

Cut the bananas into four pieces and quickly dip each piece into the dough.

Splash the excess making sure that each piece is completely surrounded by the dough.

Finally, fry the pieces one by one until the dough rises and browns, add the fried bananas to the caramel.

Caramel preparation method:
First, in a saucepan, mix the sugar and water and bring to high heat until golden.

Soon after, lower the heat until the sugar is caramel.

Then place the breaded banana pieces in the hot caramel, mixing quickly to cover them completely.

Place the pieces well apart in a dish greased with oil so that they do not stick together.

Finally, wait for the caramel to harden and serve.

caramelized banana

Okay, now you won’t have to wait to go to the restaurant, to eat this caramel banana, now you can make it at home in the amount you want. This recipe if you want to do more, you can double the recipe.

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