Cassava Broth with Bacon – Easy Recipe

recipe cassava broth

It’s time for broths. If you came up with this recipe, it’s because time has turned cold! Here you will learn the best recipe for cassava broth with Bacon, a super creamy broth with a super crispy bacon.

Anyone who is a fan of broths knows that cassava broth with bacon is one of the most popular. in some cities it is second only to bean broth. There are those who like to mix the two at June festivities. Below, check out the best recipe for this broth:

recipe cassava broth

Cassava Broth with Bacon

3 cups of cassava (750 grams)
1 cup of bacon
1 cup of pepperoni sausage
2 scoops of green seasoning
4 cups of water
1 spoon of butter
1 pinch of sugar

Preparation mode:
First, cook the cassava in the pressure cooker.

Then, beat the manioc with water and a teaspoon of sugar.

Then, in a pan, sauté the bacon until it is crispy, add the pepperoni sausage.

Add the beaten Mandioquinha, mix, add a spoon of green seasoning, a pinch of salt and cook. At this moment the seasoning is to taste, use what you like best. For example, many like to use chives and green scent.

But be careful with the balance, don’t overdo the salt, the bacon and the pepperoni type sausage are smoked and will help to salt, so taste it at the end and correct the salt if necessary.

Cassava broth with bacon

Finally, turn off the heat, add green scent and it’s ready to serve.

This recipe is classic for broths. Cassava broth with bacon is a hit in bars and restaurants. You can freeze it if you want, after this recipe is ready for 3 days.

broth to freeze

Do it at home and tell us what you think.

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