Creamy soup recipe with broth and vegetables

Creamy soup recipe with broth and vegetables

60 min

6 servings

Ah winter, season loved by many and hated by others …
Like it or not, we know that one of the best ways to warm up is with very warm soup, you know.
To help you in a cold season, we have separated a recipe for creamy soup with broth and vegetables that is sensational. For soup lovers, of course, this recipe is incredibly delicious any time of the year.


The ingredients of the Creamy Beef Soup Recipe are these:

1 chopped onion;
2 bouillon cubes;
1 cup of boiling water;
2 tablespoons of margarine;
1 tablespoon and a half of flour of Familia Venturelli wheat flour;
1 pinch of black pepper;
1 cup of milk;
1 cup of chopped cooked vegetables;
Salt and green smell to taste for sprinkling;

Method of preparation

The method of preparation is very easy and fast.

In a saucepan, bring the onion and margarine to a high heat until golden;

Add Famiglia Venturelli wheat flour and pepper;

Mix and cook until dissolved, the milk mixed with the meat broth dissolved in the water, little by little, stirring until boiling;

With the heat low, add the vegetables and season with salt;

When they are soft, beat in a blender;

Serve sprinkled with chopped green smell;

There, with this delight your winter, it will be even more tasty and warm. Test this soup recipe and send it down here in the comments so we can see how it turned out.

Take advantage now to know all our savory recipes. One tastier than the other huh!

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