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By Rebecca Ribeiro

On 14.04.21

The cabbage is a very nutritious plant, rich in iron, folic acid and fiber, but that lasts little in the refrigerator. Thus, people seek ways to store, but, if done wrong, all its nutrients are lost. Therefore, we’ve separated 5 videos that show how to freeze cabbage correctly and for various uses.

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Here’s how to freeze kale and ensure the nutrients

  1. First, wash the kale stalks under running water;
  2. Then drain off all the water;
  3. Then on a board, take the cabbage you wish to freeze and remove the stalks;
  4. After cutting off the stalks, join the cabbage leaves together by rolling and cut to the size you prefer;
  5. For storage, take a container with a lid suitable for freezing;
  6. Place the cabbage in small quantities, making sure that they are well dried;
  7. Fill the space of the container completely, kneading to prevent air accumulation;
  8. Finally, place the kale in the freezer and store for as long as you like.

If you want to have a fresh and well cared for kale, see the step by step in detail on how to freeze kale and be able to store for up to 6 months. Lana from Lana’s Bakery channel teaches you the secret to having this food fresh for a long time.

Two easy ways for you to store kale

  1. Cut the stalk of the kale completely off;
  2. Next, sanitize the leaves well and remove all the water;
  3. Stack two cabbage leaves and roll up tightly;
  4. Then cut them in half and store in a bag for freezing;
  5. Identify the date of freezing on the bags;
  6. This form is ideal for juices and whipped sauces;
  7. For stews and other foods, the ideal is to cut into thin strips;
  8. To do this, simply roll up two leaves and slice them;
  9. Finally, place them in the bag to freeze;
  10. You do not need to thaw them to use.

See the tips that nutritionist Marina Morais gives in her channel for you to freeze the cabbage in two different ways and for various uses.

Trick to have fresh kale whenever you need it

  1. First sanitize the cabbage leaves well;
  2. Then cut them in the way you prefer;
  3. Place all the cut cabbage in a saucepan;
  4. Add boiling water on top until all the cabbage is covered;
  5. Cover pot and set aside for 2 to 3 minutes, no need to bring to a boil;
  6. At the end of the time, drain the water from the pan and rinse the cabbage under running water;
  7. In a separate vessel put cold water and deposit the cabbage;
  8. Leave for a while and remove the water;
  9. Finally, place in containers suitable for freezing;
  10. Place the amount you wish to freeze and place in the freezer.

See how to have a kale green and full of nutrients for your farofa or stews. Solange Silva showed in her channel how to ensure that this food is well preserved for any time of the day.

How to freeze kale for juice and freshen up during the day

  1. First step is to separate the kale, mint and water;
  2. In a blender place a small amount of the kale leaves, the mint leaves and some water;
  3. Whisk the ingredients together;
  4. Then add another quantity of the ingredients and whisk again;
  5. After beating everything, transfer the contents to an ice-form and place in the freezer;
  6. If desired, when the contents are frozen, unmold and store in baggies.

For hot days or at a family lunch having a cold and healthy juice is all good. So May Munyke showed how she prepares the green cabbage cubes to use in juices and vitamins.

Freezing cauliflower works too

  1. Start by thoroughly sanitizing the cauliflower that will be frozen;
  2. Next, place a saucepan of water on to boil;
  3. When it reaches boiling point, place the cauliflower in the water;
  4. Leave the cauliflower from 3 to 5 minutes in the hot water;
  5. In a large vessel, separate plenty of ice water, if desired add ice cubes to lower the temperature of the water;
  6. Take the cauliflower, drain off the hot water, and immediately put the vegetables into the cold water;
  7. Leave for a few seconds and drain off the cold water;
  8. Then with a clean cloth, remove all remnants of water from the cabbage;
  9. Finally, in a container that can go into the freezer, arrange the pieces of cabbage;
  10. Put the date on the packages and place in the freezer.

For the properties are maintained and you enjoy a healthy food all year round it is necessary to follow a process in the smallest detail. Therefore, Lana prepared a step by step with all the necessary tips for you to freeze cauliflower and store for up to 1 year.

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With these tutorials you have seen several ways on how to freeze kale and guarantee this food for several months. This is an excellent way to maintain a healthy diet and avoid waste. So, if you like this trick how about testing with fruits? See how to freeze avocados and have this delicious fruit whenever you want.

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