Gourmet Nest Ice Cream with Nutella

cold nest and nutella

This combination took over Brazil, any confectionery you find at least 1 product that uses nest milk and Nutella, the success of these two ingredients is so great, that it won the Gourmet ice cream version.

Here on the website we have already given you more than 10 gourmet ice cream recipes, but this recipe is so special that it deserved a special place.

Today you will learn how to make the best ice cream (gourmet juju) from Nest with Nutella, a super simple recipe with few ingredients, and the best: it is ready in a few minutes.

cold nest and nutella

Gourmet Nest Ice Cream with Nutella

1 liter of whole milk
1 can of condensed milk
Half a box of sour cream
1 tablespoon of Neutral Alloy
4 tablespoons of nest milk

Method of preparation:
Put all the ingredients in the blender, and blend for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and our base is ready.

With this base you can make several ice creams, so save this basic recipe, it can be the key for you to make a multitude of flavors.

Mix the nest milk and beat for 1 minute.

Then let it rest until the bubbles disappear, if you need to use a sieve or spoon to take it out.

Now open the bag to the bottom, take a small spoon of coffee, and put the Nutella in the bag, and distribute the Nutella until it covers a good part of the bag

bag with nutella

Then just add the syrup that is in the blender with the help of a funnel and tie the knot in the bag.

Put a pretty ribbon and sticker.

Take it to the freezer, leave it overnight to stay firm, and you’re ready to eat.

cold nest with nutella

This recipe is one of the most sold. You can ask any confectioner which is the best selling ice cream, make sure the nest milk ice cream will be the first on the list.

Make this recipe at your home or to sell, I’m sure it will be a sales success.

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