How to make modeling clay – Children’s Day Special

How to make modeling clay – Children’s Day Special

10 min

1 serving

This recipe is a little different: it’s not to eat, it’s to play with! October is the month of children and this recipe is special for them. The modeling clay will undoubtedly make the little ones happy.

In addition to being a lot of fun, the modeling clay can have a calming effect on the child and still awaken their creativity.

Do you have a grandchild or granddaughter in the family? Or even a younger son or daughter? I’m sure they’ll love this game. How about inviting them to prepare with you? I bet it will be a lot of fun.

Making modeling clay is very easy, you just need simple ingredients that we always have at home!


4 cups of Wheat Flour Famiglia Venturelli;

3 tablespoons of oil;

1 ½ cup of water;

1 cup of salt;

Food coloring;

Method of preparation

In a bowl, mix the flour and salt. Gradually add the water, taking care that the mixture is not too soft (if you do not need it, do not pour all the water). Mix well.

Add the oil and mix again. With the help of your hands, try to find the point of the dough. If necessary, add a little more flour and knead.

Divide the dough into as many balls as you like. In each one, add the dye. If you don’t have that ingredient, you can use gouache paint. After applying, knead the dough to get the color. Add more dye if you prefer, as you knead.

Venturelli Tip: You can use dyes of different colors to make each play dough a color! The clay takes about two hours to get the color very beautiful.

Now just enjoy it, the dough is ready to make everyone happy!

Venturelli tip: the dough lasts a long time if it is stored in a tightly closed bag, about 10 days. After that, the salt starts to come out of the dough and it’s time to make another one!

We hope you like this tip. We know that keeping children entertained at home can be a big challenge, but now you and the little ones will be able to enjoy the time with great quality and entertainment.

Leave in the comments how your experience was and if the little ones liked the play dough. Oh, don’t forget to send the recipe link to family and friends so they can have fun too!

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