How to make the cake wet – 3 special tips

How to make the cake wet – 3 special tips

20 min

10 servings

The representation of eating a cake!

Cake represents family, warmth, care, experimentation. Nothing like coming home and having that warm cake from your grandma or your mother waiting for you, right? There are cakes of different flavors: chocolate, coffee, coconut, simple, cornmeal, lemon, carrot, orange, among others! But regardless of the taste, eating a cake is always a positive gastronomic experience. And we are not talking about those dry cakes, but that wet cake. And so, today we will teach you how to make the cake wet.

Think about your past experiences eating cake, what was the best cake of your life? What was the texture of the cake? Probably a wet and fluffy cake, right? How does it feel to eat a cake? How is it to sit at the table with friends and family and eat that warm cake with a coffee to accompany?

These are just a few questions that we want to inspire you, because eating a cake goes far beyond the simple experience of eating, and for you, it may have a different meaning than for someone else.

And when you are making the cake, is it not even better to feel like offering your friends and family what you did yourself? Especially when you hit the spot, the flavor and the icing on the cake. And you can use your imagination and creativity and create side dishes for this cake to be an “extra” experience. For example, you can offer and serve a container with a syrup to wet the cake (of any flavor) or even put milk in this container, to make the cake wet. And of course, don’t forget to make that hot black coffee to accompany this experience!

How to make the cake wet

But you must be wondering how to make the cake wet, Is not it?! Do not worry that we will teach you, then just replicate at home in your recipe!

1st Option – Moisten with milk

Have you ever seen your grandma or your mother make that wet cake using milk? Well, the wet cake with milk is a great option to leave it with a creamy texture, of course it cannot be dipped intensely in milk, it needs to be gradually.

Over the dough (or in the middle of it, cutting the dough in half), drill holes with a fork and water the milk little by little for perfect penetration. But try that you will love the experience!

2nd Option – Use syrups

There is also another way to make the cake wet, which is to make a syrup to wet the cake. Just as the cake can be of different flavors, the syrup can also have this privilege. You can make chocolate syrup, brigadeiro syrup, lemon syrup, passion fruit syrup, guava syrup and so on, use your imagination and create your favorite syrup!

The syrup can also be used to fill the cake, not just apply it on top. Just cut the dough in half or make a few holes with a fork or knife, and when you throw the cover, it will be absorbed internally by the holes.

3rd Option – Soda

If you have no objections to the use of soda, it is a great option to make the cake dough wet and with a prominent flavor. (Venturelli tip: It is common to use guarana flavored sodas!)

The process is the same as for milk. We recommend that you cut the dough in half (with the help of a large knife), drill holes with a fork and drizzle with the soda. Do not overdo it, otherwise the cake may be too sweet. For a medium sized cake, we suggest using approximately 300ml of soda!

Did you like it? So make your cake today with the very moist and creamy dough, invite relatives and friends to delight. Share your experience with us in the comments on this post. ♥

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