Panettone of Nuts with Cheese

Panettone of Nuts with Cheese

120 min

03 servings


60g of biological yeast;
1 tablespoon of refined sugar;
¾ cup (tea) of water;
1 cup (tea) of whole milk;
2 egg yolks;
1 spoon (dessert) of salt;
150g of provolone cheese;
50g of thick grated Parmesan cheese;
150g of coarsely chopped walnuts;
600g of wheat flour Familia Venturelli;

Preparation mode

In a bowl place the yeast add the sugar and dissolve completely, then add the liquids and mix well, add the flour little by little until it forms a soft and sticky mass.

Pour the obtained mixture on the countertop and tear the dough and gradually dry it with wheat flour, leaving the dough with a soft texture.

Let it rise for approximately 15 minutes, remove from the bowl and place on the floured bench knead gently and add the cheeses and walnuts, gently wrapping.

Shape the panettone, let it rise. Bake in a preheated oven for approximately 40 minutes.

3 panettones of 1 kg
6 to 7 500g panettone
12 panettone 250g
48 panettone 100g

Products used

  • Venturelli Wheat Flour

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