Pumpkin croquette with cheese

Pumpkin croquette with cheese

40 min

20 servings


1 cup of Familia Venturelli wheat flour;
100g of cooked pumpkin cut into cubes;
1 tablet of vegetable broth;
½ cup of hot water;
2 tablespoons of margarine;
½ cup of milk;
Salt to taste;
100g of grated mozzarella;
1 clear;
½ cup (tea) of breadcrumbs;
Frying oil;

Preparation mode

Blend the pumpkin with the margarine and the vegetable broth tablet dissolved in hot water. Reserve.

Heat the milk and add the Famiglia Venturelli flour and pumpkin puree all at once. Stirring constantly, cook until it comes off the bottom of the pan.

Form a ball with the dough and let it cool covered with a damp cloth. Take a portion of the dough and open it in the palm of your hand. Fill with grated mozzarella and form a croquette.

Repeat the operation with the rest of the dough. Put it in the egg white, then in breadcrumbs and fry in hot oil until golden brown. Remove excess oil and serve hot.

Products used

  • Venturelli Wheat Flour

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