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Knowing how to freeze broccoli is a good alternative to ensure practicality in your day to day life, in addition to preserving food for longer. To learn the step by step and all the tips, follow the story!

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How to freeze broccoli


You’ll need

  • 300g of broccoli
  • 1 pot
  • 2 liters of water approximately
  • 2 tablespoons bicarbonate (optional)
  • 1 bowl
  • Ice cubes
  • Cold water
  • 1 clean dishcloth
  • 1 container with lid or plastic bag

Step by step

  1. Separate the broccoli, sanitize it and cut it if necessary;
  2. Then put the amount of water in the pot to boil;
  3. Meanwhile, in a bowl, add the ice water and the ice cubes. Reserve;
  4. When the water is already on its first boil, add the bicarbonate and dip the broccoli;
  5. Let them boil for 1 minute and then put them directly into the bowl of ice water to cool;
  6. Remove them from this water with ice and wrap the broccoli in a clean dishcloth until they dry completely;
  7. Then arrange them in a container with a lid or plastic bag, packing them very well so that no air can enter, and take them to the freezer for at least 2 hours.

This process is called bleaching and ensures that broccoli does not wither and is preserved longer in the freezer. If you have any more questions about freezing broccoli, check out the following explanations!

5 questions about freezing broccoli

We answered the main questions on how to freeze broccoli, so you don’t get it wrong and stay on top of the processes. Check it out!


  1. What is the bleaching process? According to an article by EMATER/RS-ASCAR, bleaching is a process in which vegetables are boiled quickly to annul the enzymes that, if they were still alive, would alter the colour, aroma and nutritional value of the food. In addition, by performing the bleaching, we eliminate some microbes and bacteria present in vegetables.
  2. How long do broccoli last in the freezer? Also according to information provided by EMATER/RS-ASCAR, vegetables generally last up to 12 months in the freezer. But be aware of the correct freezing and storage process.
  3. How to thaw broccoli? To defrost, you must remove them from the freezer and immerse them in boiling water or steam them.
  4. Can I re-freeze a food already defrosted? Based on the EMATER/RS-ASCAR article, this practice is not appropriate. A tip is just to take out of the freezer the amount that you will use in the preparation. Therefore, choose to freeze in smaller portions properly identified with a label, containing date and name of the food.
  5. Do frozen broccoli preserve nutrients? A study by the University of Georgia (UGA), published in the Journal of Food Composition, revealed that the nutritional value of many frozen fruits and vegetables, including broccoli, is generally equal to their fresh equivalents. Compared to frozen fruits and vegetables freshly stored in the refrigerator, the result is even better: « In cases of significant differences, the frozen product outperformed the « freshly stored » more often than the « freshly stored ». Remembering that in the analysis, Vitamins C, A and B-9 were considered.

Another tip is to opt for organic vegetables and do the freezing at home, as we taught above. This way, you can be sure that your food is not full of preservatives and additives.

Other ways to freeze broccoli

Now, learn more information and tips about broccoli for you to have it in your meals!

How to freeze broccoli fast

In this video, you will learn a very quick and practical way to freeze broccoli. It is necessary to shock the vegetables using ice. Also, there are tips for defrosting as well.

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How to preserve and freeze broccoli

With this video, you’ll get more tips on how to cook broccoli properly and, of course, learn how to freeze them without sticking to other pieces. Now, you can buy this vegetable without waste.

How to remove the stench of broccoli before cooking it

If you are bothered by the smell of broccoli and cauliflower, Flavia Ferrari teaches in this video two alternatives to eliminate these unpleasant smells once and for all. After that, all you have to do is freeze. Write it down!

Now that you know how to freeze broccoli and have all the tips in hand, let creativity flow and enjoy vegetables even more with these broccoli pie recipes.

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