How to freeze avocado and preserve fruit for much longer


Those who like avocados know: the fruit is delicious, but it needs to be at the ideal point – not too green, not too ripe – to be savoured. So check out step by step how to freeze avocado to have that ingredient ready to taste at any time and learn more about its properties and recommendations:

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How to freeze avocado


You’ll need

  • 3 ripe avocados
  • A platter or baking dish
  • Plastic film
  • Container with lid

Step by step

  1. First, slice the avocados into large pieces, cutting them in half and then dividing each half into two parts;
  2. Remove the shell by pulling it out with your hands. When the avocado is ripe, it will easily dislodge from the inside of the fruit;
  3. Arrange the peeled slices on the platter or baking dish so that they do not touch each other;
  4. Cover everything with plastic film, to prevent the air from coming into contact with the avocado and oxidizing, leaving the fruit dark colored;
  5. Take it to the freezer for about four hours;
  6. Now remove the frozen avocado and place it in a container with a suitable lid – it may be smaller and the slices may come in contact;
  7. Finally, close the lid of the container and store in the freezer. It’s ready!

Now, you can taste the ripe avocado whenever you like!

7 questions about freezing avocado

The practicality of the frozen avocado is incredible, but does it look like fresh fruit? Clear your doubts next:


  • How long does the frozen avocado last? The fruit can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months, but it is recommended that it be eaten in up to 3. This way, you guarantee that the taste, texture and nutrients will be maintained!
  • Does the frozen avocado keep the nutrients? Yes! Besides fiber, the avocado is still rich in minerals, such as folate and potassium, and vitamins C and K. You can rest assured: all these benefits can be acquired by eating the frozen fruit.
  • Is it recommended to freeze the avocado beaten with milk? Preferably, the avocado should be frozen pure, without any mixture, so that its conservation is more effective. In addition, the milk has irregular freezing, which can impair the consumption of this preparation as a drink after being defrosted.
  • Better slice or freeze the whole avocado? Whatever. The advantage of slicing the fruit is that it takes up less space in the freezer, and you can defrost only the amount you will consume at the moment. But by freezing the whole avocado with its peel, you can better preserve the texture and taste of the food.
  • Are the texture and taste of frozen avocados the same as natural fruit? Although similar, both taste and texture can be changed after freezing – but the fruit’s oleaginous characteristic helps to diminish this difference, which can go unnoticed in many cases! That’s why it’s important to choose the ideal ripeness and follow the right step by step to avoid these problems.
  • How should I defrost the avocado? For the fruit to return to its original shape, the most suitable ways of defrosting are to leave it in the refrigerator or, if you prefer, at room temperature. Other methods, such as placing in the microwave, are not indicated, as this may imply a change in texture and taste.
  • The bitter frozen avocado? To avoid this problem, it is necessary to be agile when slicing the avocado at room temperature and the first freezing. Doing all this very quickly avoids the oxidation of the fruit – which occurs when it gets a darker color. If you prefer, you can brush some lemon juice on the slices: this procedure also helps to avoid bitterness.

To ensure the quality of your frozen avocado, make sure that your chosen fruit is ripe, tasty and shows no signs of bruising or rot. This will help maintain the properties and taste of the ingredient!

More information about frozen avocado

To freeze the avocado the way you prefer, we’ve separated other tips and suggestions to improve your method even more. Check it out:

How to freeze an avocado with a little lemon

To ensure that the avocado won’t get dark after being frozen, this recipe teaches you to drip a few drops of lemon on top before taking it to the freezer. This prevents the fruit from oxidizing – which leaves the color darker and, in some cases, can leave it with a bitter taste.

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Learn how to turn avocado into cream before freezing

With a mixer or blender, you can turn the avocado into cream – this process can be ideal for those who want to separate small portions or want to use the frozen fruit to prepare juices, smoothies or preparations that do not need the whole avocado.

Avocado ice: a practical and delicious way to refresh yourself

Now, your drinks will become even more refreshing and creamy! By using frozen avocados as ice instead of natural fruit, you can make preparing juices and vitamins much more practical and simple – and leave everything even better textured.

Make your life easier by freezing the avocado in cupcake form

This video teaches you how to use a way to prepare cupcakes to make the first avocado freeze. This makes it much easier to separate the fruit and prevent the pieces from leaning against each other, making it harder to separate when you store everything together in another container.

The versatility of the frozen avocado is really a hand on the wheel! Now that you know a practical way to store it, be sure to also know the benefits of the avocado.

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