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Tasty and refreshing, the mango juice makes the hot days more pleasant and delicious. But what are the advantages of consuming this drink? Follow the story and discover the benefits, learn recipes and know the necessary care to taste this practical, affordable and super delicious option!

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Rich in nutrients, fibers and antioxidant properties, mango juice is the ideal beverage for those seeking a healthier and more natural routine. We consulted the nutritionist Lie Lopes (CRN-8: 10950) to know the benefits of consuming this juice! Check it out:

Keeps eyes and eyesight healthy

According to the nutritionist, this juice is a source of beta-carotene – an antioxidant that helps in eye health and also in bone growth and development. It is also a rich source of vitamin A, which is an important ally for immunity.

Antioxidant action and disease prevention

Mango juice also helps to obtain vitamin E. This antioxidant decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines, which increase the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, obesity and insulin resistance, and can cause diabetes.

Beneficial action for pregnant women

Because it contains vitamin B9 (also known as folic acid), it can also be an ally for pregnant women: after all, it helps in the formation of the baby’s neural tube. In addition, a deficiency of this vitamin can cause anemia.

Contributes to bone health

Rich in calcium, mango juice strengthens bones and improves muscle contraction. Deficiency of this mineral can lead to irritability, agitation, insomnia or weakness in the muscles.

Improves the immune system

The benefits of vitamin C are many – from improved skin health and increased immunity to antioxidant function. That’s why juice can be a strong ally for those seeking these properties!

Healthy Intestine

Because of its fibrous characteristic, mango juice also improves intestinal transit. This characteristic also decreases the risk of dyslipidemia – that is, changes in cholesterol.

Now that you know the benefits of this drink, learn great ways to prepare it to make your food tastier and more balanced!

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Enjoy all the nutrients of mango juice with these delicious recipes that we have separated for you to include the drink in your routine. Come with us:

1. Mango juice with water

Refreshing and delicious, this recipe is ideal for those looking for a fresh juice on hot days. As it is a denser and more fibrous fruit, the mango brings a different and appetizing texture to the drink, which gets a light and pleasant taste.

2. Mango juice with coconut water


The juice in this recipe is made with coconut water, which leaves everything with a sweet touch and a light, smooth taste. The tip is to serve the drink with frozen mango cubes, which refresh and make everything even better. Check the way it’s prepared!

3. Mango juice with milk

Anyone who believes that mixing mango with milk is wrong is very wrong: besides being a healthy and nutritious way to taste the juice, the milk makes the preparation even more delicious! The recipe also suggests sweetening the drink with sugar, to soften the sour taste of the fruit.

4. Creamy mango juice


Made with banana, lemon, apple and orange, this mango juice is a real explosion of flavors and nutrients! Healthy and supreme, the drink can be tasted as breakfast or afternoon snack, since it sustains hunger very well. Follow the recipe!

5. Mango juice with passion fruit


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Those who like more acid and refreshing drinks will love the combination of mango and passion fruit: the recipe teaches the preparation of a juice that unites taste and health in a very refreshing way! Besides the fruits, the mixture also brings linseed, which makes the drink even more nutritious and with a different texture. See the complete recipe!

6. Mango juice with lemon

Leave your drink with a balanced and refreshing taste by adding a little lemon juice to the preparation. This ingredient is indicated for cases where the mango is sweeter or for those who like to join the acidic taste with the sweet.

7. Mango juice with mint

Aromatic and refreshing, this juice will make summer days much more enjoyable! Besides the mango, the preparation includes passion fruit, ginger, mint and ice. With a slightly burnt and fresh touch, it is possible to enhance the taste of the fruit even more!

8. Sleeve juice with orange

A great way to increase the amount of vitamin C in your mango juice is to add orange to the preparation. This ingredient not only contributes to the nutritional index of the drink, but also makes everything taste even more irresistible!

9. Mango juice with peach

Creative Menu

For a juice with a velvety texture and even denser, the recipe teaches you to use peaches to complement the flavor of the mango. The tip is to use the first ingredient with peel, to bring color and even more nutrients to the preparation. Check it out step by step!

10. Mango juice with carrot and ginger

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Only 5 ingredients are needed to prepare this juice which is an explosion of colors and flavors: carrot, ginger, mint, water and of course mango! Refreshing, lightly burnt and super sweet, this juice will win you over for both taste and health.

The versatility of the sleeve allows you to prepare the juice in the most diverse ways! Therefore, you can use creativity and vary the recipes to make the most of the benefits of this fruit.

Care and contraindications

According to nutritionist Lie Lopes, straining the mango juice is contraindicated, since this procedure reduces the fiber content. Besides, it is important to always pay attention to the amount of fruit used to prepare the juice, keeping in mind its carbohydrate content. « Think about how many mangos you would eat – this is the ideal amount to put in the juice, » guides the professional.

Insert the mango juice in your daily menu and don’t forget to complement the nutrients in this drink with a balanced diet. These healthy food recipes are great options that can inspire you!

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