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If you enjoy tasting pasta, it’s worth learning how to make a broccoli lasagna. After all, because it is a traditional dish, it is interesting to vary its preparation to delight yourself with a new flavor. Not to mention all the benefits that the consumption of broccoli provides. Are you interested? Then, check out the selection of recipes we have assembled!

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1. broccoli lasagne with white sauce

The combination of broccoli with white sauce is an absolute success: used to make a lasagna, even better! And that’s not all, see? Bacon, sausage, mozzarella and parmesan still help to complete the taste of the dish. The result is simply irresistible!

2. Broccoli lasagne with mozzarella

Don’t you want to go to a lot of trouble in the kitchen and still enjoy all the taste of a lasagna? Then, there’s more to check out this recipe, where the pasta is interspersed in layers with broccoli, white sauce and mozzarella cheese. These are simple ingredients, but they already guarantee a tasty meal.

3. Broccoli and bacon lasagne

Have you ever thought about adding your broccoli to the white sauce with bacon? That’s a tip that won’t give you much extra work in the kitchen, but will make your lasagna much tastier. Wanna know how to make that dish? Then check out all the cooking tips in the video!

4. Broccoli lasagne with tofu

Do you have a vegan recipe? Of course it does! Here, you learn to make a white sauce based on almond milk, but you can also use other vegetable milks of your preference. Besides broccoli, tofu is also used to make the dish. The result will be a great success on your table!

5. Broccoli lasagne with chicken filet

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Would you like a very special lasagna, worthy of a Sunday lunch? Then that might be the ideal option to test in your kitchen. Here, lasagna is made with broccoli, chicken filet, white sauce with mozzarella, curd cheese and parmesan. This is such a good recipe, that it will be hard to leave a piece!

6. Broccoli lasagne with white cashew nut sauce

This is an alternative where the sauce that accompanies broccoli is made with cashew nuts, water, salt and nutmeg. The lasagna filling is made with this combination. To close with a golden key, the tip is to use vegan cheese when finishing.

7. Broccoli lasagne with pancake dough

You’re out of lasagna noodles at home and you want an option without a lot of work in the kitchen, or you thought about making pancakes, but you don’t want to roll it? In those cases, that recipe is a great order. The job is bigger than using a ready-made pasta, but it’s worth a try!

8. Broccoli lasagna with turkey breast


In this recipe, the turkey breast is sautéed with spices and combined with ricotta cream and heavy cream. This cream is used as a filling with broccoli and grated Parmesan cheese. Did you get water in your mouth just by imagining? Then watch the step by step detail!

9. Vegan broccoli lasagne

Alternative seasoning

Free of ingredients of animal origin, this lasagna contains pasta, broccoli, white almond sauce and vegan grated cheese. The list of ingredients is not long and the taste will win you over. Learn how to make this dish right now!

10. Broccoli lasagne with spinach paste

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You have plenty of time and you want to learn how to make a lasagna from scratch? Here, the preparation begins with the homemade spinach dough. Only then do you leave for the broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, chard and tomato sauce filling. To finish, the tip is to use a cheese of your preference. Check the complete step by step!

It’s so many tasty recipes that it’s hard to choose which one to test first, isn’t it? And if you’re still in doubt, it’s also worth knowing another delicious proposal: zucchini lasagna!

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