10 warm recipes to delight yourself


There are foods that, besides being delicious, bring that feeling of comfort. On cold days, the ideal meal to feel this way is chickpea soup! Believe me, it has everything to gain space in your kitchen. Check out delicious recipes from this soup we’ve separated for you!

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1. Chickpea soup with rice

In this video, you learn how to make a delicious soup with rice and the grain. It’s easy, tasty and very nutritious. In other words: the perfect meal. Be sure to check it out!

2. Chickpea soup with leek

This recipe with chickpeas, leek and vegetables will earn you all your love! It’s ideal for practical fans because it consists of making frozen « soup kits ». So, it’s just defrosting and enjoying those cold days when laziness beats. Check it out!

3. Chickpea soup complete

That recipe will win the hearts of broth lovers! It’s got bacon, sausage, carrot and it’s very well seasoned. After cooking the ingredients, you should liquefy everything, which results in a creamy soup full of flavor.

4. Chickpea soup with cabbage

Beat cooked chickpeas with water and add to the pan with garlic, onion and stewed carrots. Then add the cabbage and have the perfect soup in a few minutes! Check out this delight.

5. Chickpea soup with pumpkin and spinach

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Besides chickpeas, this option also includes carrots, pumpkins, spinach and chicken. You can’t resist! Take a look and learn how to make this super easy and tasty pressure cooker recipe.

6. Chickpea soup with bacon

Fry the bacon and add onion, potatoes and pasta. Oh, and the chickpeas, of course! Then just cook and get a delicious, dense soup. Let this recipe warm you up on cold days!

7. Chickpea soup with vegetables and paio

The sausage and vegetables make this soup more special! Watch the video and learn how to make a tasty and cozy recipe.

8. Chickpea soup with noodles

For those who love soup with noodles, this is the perfect option! Learn how to make that mouth-watering delight. It’s the ideal combination of health and taste.

9. Chickpea soup with noodles and vegetables

Learn how to make a vegetable broth by reusing what you would discard. Then, just use it in the soup with the chickpeas and the ingredients you prefer. Nothing like a practical and tasty meal for the winter, right?

10. German chickpea soup

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Learn how to make that tasty and nutritious recipe that everyone will love. Take your pressure cooker and play!

What all these chickpea soup options have in common is the incredible taste and nutrients of the chickpea. Choose your favorite recipe and let’s go to the kitchen! And for dessert, nothing better for cold days than a chocolate fondue, right?

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