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Consuming salad is very important for those who care about having a healthy diet. This is because it helps to hydrate the body and increases satiety. In order not to be seen as a dull meal, it is important to be creative when preparing this dish. So, follow our tips and make salad time more fun!

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7 tips for the perfect homemade salad

Are you tired of always eating the same dull salad? See amazing tips to make this dish tastier!

  1. Wash the ingredients well: sanitizing the food that will be consumed is paramount to having a quality meal. For this, you can wash them using a solution of sanitary water and water, for example. Check out more tips on food sanitation.
  2. Vary the leaf base: who says you always have to use the same leaves? Tired of lettuce? Try varying and change for rocket, chard, watercress or even spinach. That way, you don’t get seasick and keep enjoying the benefits of the leaves.
  3. Include fruit: opt for those with plenty of vitamin C. This is because fruits with this vitamin help to absorb iron from the leaves. As a suggestion, use orange, lemon, strawberry, kiwi, tomato or pineapple.
  4. Don’t forget the protein: to have a full meal, it is essential to include protein in the salad. And when we talk about protein, know that it doesn’t have to be just animal. For vegetarians and vegans, there are several options to replace meat.
  5. Prefer the homemade sauces: Many people make salads more caloric and not as healthy because they use industrialised sauces full of sodium and other bad substances for health. So learn to prepare your favorite sauce at home.
  6. Add crunchiness: how about adding grains and seeds to your salad? They’re very rich in nutrients. Sesame, for example, is rich in iron. Oilseeds, like chestnuts, are excellent sources of good fats.
  7. Be creative: how about researching different recipes? The more creative, different and colorful the salad, the greater the chances that you won’t get sick of this meal. This way, you guarantee a healthy diet without sacrifices.

By following these tips, you will never get sick or lazy again from including salads in your meals!

20 salad recipes for healthier meals

Now that you’ve learned several tips for preparing this dish, how about checking recipes to test there in your home?

1. Cabbage salad

Here, the suggestion is to use the cabbage to assemble the base of this dish. A good tip is to cut the cabbage into very thin slices, to make the recipe tastier. Watch the video and check out the other ingredients used.

2. Carrot salad

The carrot is rich in good carbohydrates, and the suggestion is to use it with leaves and citrus fruits. In this recipe, pineapple and mango are used to bring more flavor to the dish. To finish, add olive oil.

3. Cucumber salad

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Check it out and learn how to make a delicious cucumber salad with mustard sauce and vinegar. The best? The preparation is super simple and fast, and the result is delicious and nutritious.

4. Cabbage salad

The main ingredient used in this recipe is cabbage. It is rich in calcium, an excellent source of vitamin C, helps the functioning of the intestine and strengthens the immune system. Watch the video and check out an easy tip to cut it very thin!

5. Beet salad

Beets lower high blood pressure, prevent anemia and help control cholesterol. Therefore, it is great to use in salads. In the video, check out wonderful tips to give an even more special taste to this food.

6. Aubergine salad

Enjoy all the benefits of eggplant with this amazing salad! The preparation is super-practical: just put all the ingredients in a baking pan and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes. Try it!

7. Asparagus salad

Do you like bacon? Then how about making a delicious salad of asparagus, eggs and bacon? Check out the way I prepare it on video and make it right now!

8. Okra salad

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Okra can also be used to prepare incredible dishes. It’s rich in vitamin K, so it helps strengthen the bones. In addition, you can add tomato, garlic, onion and lemon to make the meal tastier.

9. Quinoa salad

This recipe is light, refreshing and with a special crispness. Besides, the preparation is fast, simple and easy. Besides the quinoa and other ingredients used, use spices of your preference to finish it.

10. Vinaigrette salad

Want to learn how to make a delicious vinaigrette? Then you need to check out this recipe! The coolest thing is that it lasts up to four days in the fridge, and on the second and third day it gets even tastier, because the flavors marinate and intensify.

11. Spring salad

The name of this salad comes from the fact of adding a fruit to the plate, and the best is that the preparation is simple and fast. Just use ingredients such as lettuce, cherry tomato, palm heart and some fruit of your preference and finish with olive oil, salt and oregano.

12. Barbecue salad

Sunday lunch every once in a while asks for a barbecue, doesn’t it? So, have you thought about making a delicious salad to go with that dish? In the video, you check more details and the ingredients used. Watch it!

13. Lettuce salad with toast

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An excellent way to add carbohydrates and crispness is to use toast. Besides this ingredient, we suggest adding cheese, cherry tomatoes and olive oil to make everything tastier. In the video, you still learn a delicious way to make mayonnaise.

14. Caesar salad

Sweetheart of many, here you will learn how to make a delicious caesar salad. To make the recipe lighter, you can replace the mayonnaise in the sauce with natural yogurt. Try and test this recipe at your home!

15. Bittersweet salad with mango

If you love sweet and sour recipes, you need to check out this tip! The preparation is practical and fast. The mango brings a sweet taste to the dish and you can still prepare a delicious spice, which is taught in the video.

16. Pasta salad

How about daring and adding macaroni to the perfect salad? Apart from preparing the noodles, the rest of the recipe is easy, just add the other ingredients to the ready-made pasta. Enjoy your meal!

17. Green salad with mango mayonnaise

Here, you will learn an incredible tip to prepare a delicious and nutritious mango mayonnaise. That way, your meal will be even healthier. Plus, you get a super cool tip to prepare croutons with wholemeal bread.

18. Tropical salad

Check out the preparation of this supercreme sweet and sour salad that goes well on special occasions. The only job you’ll have is to mince the ingredients used. Check out more details watching the video and get your mouth watering too!

19. Christmas salad

Despite the name, it’s not just for Christmas. It is also possible to prepare her for family Sundays or special occasions. Several ingredients are used and the recipe yields many portions: that is, it can be prepared for the whole family!

20. Slimming salad

Finally, if you are in food re-education and want to lose weight, you must check this recipe indicated by a nutritionist. It is wonderful and helps you to lose weight, because it eliminates excess liquids from the body. Besides, it is a cheap and supernutritive recipe!

After so many ideas to prepare the perfect salad, what are you waiting for to venture into the kitchen and make your meals tastier? Enjoy and check out our tips for making a delicious salad dressing!

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