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Paçoca cake may be a sweet with a June party face, but it goes well at any time. So you don’t have to wait for the June festivities to savor this delight, it’s worth checking recipes and preparing it at home. See the best options below:

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1. Mug cake

Are you in a hurry to savor your cake? Then this mug recipe is perfect for you. It’s made in the microwave, which guarantees very little time in the kitchen. Besides, the way it’s prepared is very simple and the result is delicious. Try it!

2. Plain paçoca cake with frosting

If you can’t get enough of this, how about a recipe where the ingredient is used both in the preparation of the dough and in the topping? That way, the taste is guaranteed! And best of all: no complications when preparing it. Are you curious? Then watch the step by step video.

3. Paçoca cake with oil

A blender recipe is synonymous with practicality, and this is no different here. This is a dough that takes oil and looks really cute. Besides, a brigadeiro paçoca cover still comes on the scene. The result is so delicious that it is practically impossible to eat just a piece of this cake.

4. Paçoca cake with doce de leite icing

A simple paçoca dough already guarantees a delicious result and, if it is covered with milk jam, even better. To give that extra charm in the presentation, the tip is to finish the cake with crumbled paçocas. Without a lot of work in the kitchen, you guarantee a successful taste.

5. Paçoca cake with yogurt

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To make the simple pasta very soft, the proposal of this recipe is to add yogurt to the preparation. This is an ingredient that doesn’t give you extra work, but makes all the difference in the texture of the cake. To close with a golden key, the topping is on a brigadeiro de paçoca.

6. Paçoca cake with coffee and farofa

You want to get out of the ordinary? Then it’s worth testing this recipe, where the dough mixes the flavor of paçoca and coffee. As if that wasn’t enough, the topping is made with butter, wheat flour, sugar and paçoca. Check out the details in the video.

7. Paçoca cake with ganache frosting

With a short list of ingredients and an easy way to prepare, this recipe will surprise you. The dough is made with eggs, sugar, milk, oil, paçoca, wheat flour and baking powder. The topping is a bitter chocolate ganache and cream. For decoration, the tip is to use crumbled paçoca.

8. Paçoca cake with chocolate

The naked cake is that kind of cake that gets your attention right away by the way it looks. What’s more, the taste of this recipe is simply irresistible. If you are looking for an option for a birthday or other special occasion, this is the right choice.

9. Paçoca cake with brigadier

Paçoca paste and brigadier cover make quite a pair! If you want a lot of flavor and little work in the kitchen, check out this video. And there’s more: with this combination of flavors, it’s easy to please the most varied palates.

10. Paçoca mousse cake

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With a cuddly dough and a creamy mousse filling, this recipe is perfect to be served chilled on hot summer days. The « paçoca » comes on the scene in both preparations, which guarantees a distinctive flavor.

11. Stuffed coconut cake

In this recipe, the dough made with paçoca is flavored with cinnamon and vanilla essence: so, only by the smell it already beats that hunger. To make the flavor even better, the filling and the topping still have a cream of paçoca. The result is an irresistible naked cake.

12. Paçoca cake with stuffed whipped cream

This is a cake recipe with simple dough, which takes cream of paçoca as filling and whipped cream topping. You learn how to make a charming decoration, which makes this a good alternative for birthday parties.

13. Gluten-free, lactose-free microwave oven cake


With a simple proposal, this is the right option to accompany that hot coffee in the late afternoon. The dough is basic, but it takes peanut paste and grated coconut to give that extra touch of flavor. For the topping, more peanut paste and crumbled paçoca come on the scene. See the step by step.

14. Vegan Paçoca Cake

Free of ingredients of animal origin, this recipe leaves nothing to be desired: both the taste and the texture are simply incredible. The dough is very soft and the brigadeiro de paçoca of the covering is very creamy. Even if you’re not a vegan, it’s worth a try.

15. Paçoca volcano cake

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The volcano cake is perfect for those who like a lot of frosting and still want to surprise in the presentation. To do this, you have to bake the dough in a bore shape – so there is plenty of room left to add the frosting. All this guarantees a volcano look, which gives the candy its name.

16. Paçoca super cake

That is a cake worthy of the most special occasions. That’s because it is composed of two layers of paçoca paste, one of chocolate paste, sugar syrup, paçoca cream filling, paçoca buttercream topping and decoration of ganache and paçoca.

17. Crunchy Paçoca Cake

In addition to taking paçoca in the preparation of the pasta and the brigadeiro used in the filling, this recipe has a whipped cream topping and caramelized peanut decoration. This is the finishing touch that gives the cake its crunchy flavor and guarantees an incredible flavor.

18. Paçoca tsunami cake

The tsunami cake is mounted inside an acetate sheet and gets a lot of coverage. When the sheet is removed, the entire covering runs off, generating a tsunami-like effect. If you are the type of person who likes a lot of creaminess, see the tips in the video.

19. Naked cake of coconut

To end the list, a naked cake that takes peanuts toasted and crushed into the dough. The filling and the topping are made with a combination of whipped cream, dulce de leche, white chocolate and peanut cream.

Whether it’s to eat alone at the time of a candy cake or to share it with loved ones, there’s an option for you to try paçoca cake. And if you’re in a rainy mood, check out delicious Festa Junina recipes.

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