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Chickpea salad is a delicious recipe, either as an accompaniment to meat or as a main course. Did you know that in addition to being nutritious, it helps you to be happier? That’s because chickpeas have a lot of tryptophan, which is responsible for bringing us a sense of well-being. You can’t help but try it! Take a look at the recipes we’ve separated and choose your favourite:

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1. Chickpea salad

How about a quick, nutritious tip for everyday life? This recipe is very reminiscent of a barbecue vinaigrette and only takes 4 ingredients. Check it out!

2. Chickpea salad with paprika

Monta Encanta

Anyone who loves a colorful salad to go with the meat will love this recipe. Ready in less than 15 minutes, the seasoning takes salt, black pepper and basil leaves. It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

3. Chickpea salad with tomatoes

What do you think of a chickpea salad with tomatoes, brightly coloured peppers and purple onions? If you’ve had your mouth watered, run and watch the video with the recipe!

4. Chickpea salad with zucchini and tomatoes

A good idea is to combine chickpeas with a tasty vegetable like zucchini. The seasoning takes garlic and a delicious pepper. Step by step is perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Did you like it?

5. Chickpea salad with mustard

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Here, the recipe takes a little longer, as you will have to soak the chickpeas overnight and use the pressure cooker. The differential is in the seasoning, which takes onion, garlic, parsley, salt and the secret sauce: the mustard!

6. Chickpea salad with leaves

Kitchen A Two

Do you enjoy mixing textures and making creative salads? Then check out this recipe, which takes lettuce leaves, watercress and cherry tomatoes. The dish looks divine!

7. Chickpea salad with tuna

Besides being an aesthetically pleasing dish, the chickpea salad with tuna goes very well on hot days. Cooking the legume takes just over 40 minutes and then you just have to assemble the dish. Try it!

8. Chickpea salad with cucumber

Did you know that chickpeas are considered a food of happiness? Check out the nutritionist’s tips for making a nutritious and flavorful salad. Two ingredients highlight this dish: cheese and cucumber. Unusual combination, isn’t it?

9. Chickpea salad with tuna and nuts

If you don’t have a pressure cooker or don’t like to use it, this recipe explains how to make the chickpeas really soft in the same way. The secret here is to make a good stir in the tuna and add nuts. Play to check it out!

10. Chickpea salad with tuna and pepper mix

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Would you like a colorful salad? Use peppers, tuna and parsley! The final touch is an incredible homemade mayonnaise. Watch the step by step video!

11. Chickpea salad with tuna and palm hearts

For those who like to combine the benefits of chickpeas with other foods, how about betting on palm hearts? Besides being a rich source of potassium, it has several vitamins.

12. Chickpea salad with sardines


This little recipe is for those who are on a diet or have adopted healthier habits. It takes sardines, a very rich food in omega-3, but you can replace it with shredded chicken or tuna.

13. Chickpea salad with cashew nuts

Practicality is to buy the chickpeas ready and steamed and only mix with the other ingredients. Watch the video to see what’s in this recipe which, besides being easy, is fast!

14. Chickpea salad with apple

Shall we combine the carrot and apple nutrients in one recipe? Watch the tutorial and learn the step-by-step of this tasty and healthy dish.

15. Chickpea salad with grilled peppers

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Just watching the first few seconds makes you want to run to the kitchen and make the salad with grilled peppers. The tutorial is less than 1 minute long and will make you even hungrier. You can watch it without fear!

16. Chicken and chickpea salad

Nothing better than enjoying the roast chicken left over from Sunday lunch and shredding it into a quick and easy salad. The purple onion gives the special touch, and the spice used in the recipe is a must. Check out the tutorial!

17. Christmas chickpea salad

Family lunch and you don’t know what to cook as a side dish? Look at the recipe for this salad. It’s different, but very tasty and spicy, besides having mushrooms and potatoes. Everyone will be surprised!

18. Chickpea salad with calabrese

Do you know what combination also makes your salad very tasty? Chickpeas with calabrese! You can « fry » it in the air fryer, without oil, and chop it into little cubes to mix with the dish. It’s delicious!

19. Chickpea salad with cod

If cod is good by itself, can you imagine with chickpeas and boiled potatoes? Watch the tutorial and learn how to cook this delight in just over 1 minute.

20. Chickpea salad with quail egg

Barbecue with chickpea salad and quail egg: perfection on the spot. The recipe is Portuguese and the step by step is very quiet. Watch it!

21. Vegan chickpea salad

Summer goes with salad, doesn’t it? Then check out this vegan recipe that has parsley, mustard, lemon taiti and pepper of the kingdom to taste.

22. Chickpea salad fit

Anyone who likes a little ribbon tapes is gonna freak out in that video. The recipe is rich in protein, fiber and other nutrients essential for maintaining your health. It’s worth watching!

The chickpea salad can be combined with several ingredients, giving colour to the dish and leaving your meals healthier and tastier. And if you love coloring your dishes, how about checking out our tropical salad recipes? You can’t miss them!

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