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The spinach cake is great for those who want to get out of the ordinary when preparing this leaf. Besides, this is a dish that falls well as an accompaniment and even as a snack. All its versatility, allied to its flavor, makes this delicacy deserve a space in your recipe book. For that, see the options below:

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1. Simple spinach cake

Is it practicality that you seek? Then there’s more to check out this recipe! It’s made with boiled spinach, wheat flour, yeast, egg, oregano, black pepper and salt. The list of ingredients is small, just as the step by step is simple. The dough is handmade, the dumplings are fried and time in the kitchen is short!

2. Baked spinach dumpling

With a healthier proposal, this is a recipe where the cookies go in the oven. This way, you also make less dirt in the kitchen. Even so, the result is a simply irresistible taste and a dry texture. It’s worth a try.

3. Spinach dumpling in the airfryer

Another alternative is to bake your cookies in the airfryer. This way, you guarantee a fat-free snack. Also, the waiting time is approximately 20 minutes. Do you like it? Then write down the necessary ingredients: spinach, milk, egg, wheat flour, yeast, onion and salt.

4. Spinach cake with cheese

Do you want to give more flavor to your dairy? In that case, Parmesan cheese is a great ally. After all, this ingredient barely gives you extra work in the kitchen, but it makes all the difference in the result. To make it even better, this is an oven recipe.

5. Spinach cake with vegetable seasoning

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In this recipe, powdered vegetable seasoning, garlic, salt and black pepper are the ingredients chosen to season the cake. In addition, this is a quick version of the snack, as it is fried in a frying pan with a small amount of oil.

6. Spinach cake with oat flour

Do you want to leave out the wheat flour? Then try this recipe where the one chosen is oat flour. This way, you guarantee a more nutritious result. Even so, the taste is incredible, because, besides the taste of spinach, several spices come into play in the preparation.

7. Spinach cake with oatmeal and breadcrumbs

With a short list of ingredients, this recipe will surprise you for its taste and texture. The use of oat bran and breadcrumbs guarantees a very crispy result. Besides these items and spinach, you will also need egg, parmesan cheese and onion.

8. Spinach cake with nutmeg

Nutmeg is a real spice to give more flavor to your preparation, because it is very aromatic. In this recipe, only it and garlic are used as spices. The Parmesan cheese still helps to give an extra touch of flavor to the quitute.

9. Spinach and Linseed Cake


Made in the oven, this is a recipe in which the dough can be baked in both small and large pans. The texture is very light and soft, like that of a sweet cake. To improve it even more, the result is nutritious and tasty. See the step by step.

10. Spinach cake with rice

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Rice left over from the last meal and you want to put it to new use? So, it’s worth checking out this recipe that takes a good amount of spinach and still has cheese. It tastes so good, it’s practically impossible to stop eating.

11. Vegan spinach dumpling

This is a recipe that, besides being free of ingredients of animal origin, also takes no gluten. For this, wheat flour is left aside and gives way to rice flour and potato starch. To improve even more, the snack is baked.

12. Healthy spinach muffin

In this recipe, spinach and tomatoes are put into small shapes, greased with olive oil, and seasoned. They are then covered with egg whites. Afterwards, they are just taken to bake and enjoy the result.

13. Low carb spinach muffin

To close the list, a recipe that doesn’t carry flour. Besides being gluten-free, this is an option that also does not carry lactose. To make the dough full-bodied, sweet potato comes on the scene.

Did you see just how many amazing recipes to test in your kitchen? Whether baked or fried, one of the cookie options above can make a big hit on your table. And if you’re the type who likes to innovate, learn how to make cauliflower pizza too.

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