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Do you want to learn several recipes to send well at the time of making a vegan lunch? Then you’ve come to the right place! In the list below, you’ll find everything from basic recipes, which are perfect for everyday life, to more elaborate recipes, ideal for special moments. Curious? Then check out the selection below:

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1. Vegan cauliflower meat

The appearance is ground meat, but this is a recipe made with cauliflower. Here, the preparation begins by taking the vegetable to the processor. Then it is stewed with spices: onion, garlic, curry, spicy paprika, cayenne pepper and shoyu. In the sequence, it is only to mix with crushed chestnuts and to take to the oven to bake.

2. Seitan meat

Gluten flour and water are the basic ingredients to test this recipe. If you want a firmer texture, the tip is to add wheat flour as well. For a very tasty result, you also give suggestions of spices to use.

3. Jackfruit

In this recipe, the jackfruit is still used green. This way, it doesn’t get a sweet taste, which makes it a good order for salty dishes. You can savor this recipe in your main meals, in the drumstick filling, pies or whatever you prefer.

4. Vegan Falafel

Of Arabic origin, this is a recipe for chickpea cake that is well seasoned and fried. Versatile, it falls very well at lunchtime. All this with a way of preparation that is not difficult to follow. It’s worth a try!

5. Vegan spinach dumpling

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This is another cookie option, but with spinach as the main ingredient. Besides, it is baked, which makes it a great order for those seeking a healthy and flavorful vegan lunch.

6. Vegan potato croquette

With potato dough and soy protein filling, this is a recipe that will easily win you over. Here, besides the ingredients mentioned, you will also need olives, onions, garlic, parsley, salt, black pepper, dehydrated herbs, oil and olive oil.

7. Rosti vegan potato

The rosti potato is a dish in which the vegetable is cooked, grated, fried and stuffed. This makes a crunchy peel while the inside is soft. Here, the filling is broccoli, mushroom and vegetable cheese, but you can let your imagination run wild and use other ingredients.

8. Eggplant parmegiana

The original parmegiana is of Italian origin and made with eggplant. In this recipe, you learn to make the vegetable breaded and fried. In addition, tomato sauce and a potato cream also come on the scene at assembly time. The result is a dish so delicious, it will be hard to stop eating!

9. Salted vegan blender pie

Pie is a perfect dish for those who want a practical and fast vegan lunch, even more if the pasta is a blender. For the filling, the suggestion is to use a mix of stewed vegetables. With a fluffy pasta and a very colorful filling, the time in the oven is approximately 40 minutes.

10. Vegan pizza

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Making a vegan pizza dough is easy: you will only need water, yeast, wheat flour, sugar and salt. But this recipe goes beyond that and gives you two suggestions for fillings. The first brings broccoli, mushroom, purple onion, red pepper, corn and cheese. The other includes cheese, tomatoes, chickpeas, red peppers and rocket.

11. Creamy Zucchini Vegan Quiche

With a crispy dough and a creamy filling, the quiche already surprises by the contrast of textures. And there’s more: besides being free of ingredients of animal origin, this recipe is also gluten-free. So, watch the step by step video.

12. Whole vegan rice

Rice is a basic ingredient at lunchtime, but do you know how to leave the whole grain well cooked and loose? This video teaches you all the tips to get a successful result. To make it even better, parsley and spring onions add a touch of flavor to the dish.

13. Vegan vegetable risotto

You don’t have to use butter or cheese to get a very creamy risotto: using the right rice, that’s already possible. Here, the tip is to use the arboreal. The vegetables chosen are zucchini, carrot, chayote and tomato. In addition, a homemade vegetable broth also comes on the scene.

14. Vegan Trooper Bean

Beans are good, and if they’re increased, even better. In this vegan version, soy protein helps to compose the dish. With no complications and an incredible flavor, you’ll want to make this recipe always for your vegan lunch! Check out the way it’s prepared in the video.

15. Vegan beans

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Smoked tofu, parsley manioc, pods, carrots, zucchini, yellow peppers, fresh coconut and tomatoes are ingredients used to increase the black beans. In addition, the seasoning is very whimsical and you still learn how to make a spicy sauce to serve as a side dish.

16. Aubergine vegan moqueca

Moqueca is that kind of dish ideal when you want a special meal. Even so, you only take 30 minutes in the kitchen. Here, eggplant is the protagonist, but other vegetables also come on the scene to give more flavour to your meal.

17. Chickpea vegan strogonoff

Without secrets, the chickpea strogonoff is easy to make and simply sensational. In this recipe, fresh mushrooms are also used for an extra touch of flavour. With loose rice, potato chips and a salad, your meal is perfect.

18. Vegan zucchini lasagne

In this recipe, lasagna consists of interspersed layers of zucchini, tofupiry and mushroom. Finally, tomato sauce and vegan parmesan also come on the scene. This is a good bet for those who are looking for a dish that, besides being vegan, is also healthier.

19. Hidden vegan

Mashed potatoes are good, and stuffed potatoes are even tastier. Here, the suggestion is to use mushroom, broccoli, tomato, carrot and many spices for the filling. This is a dish that doesn’t take much work to make, but that will conquer your palate.

20. Pasta in the vegan oven

To end the list, a recipe for red sauce noodles that still goes in the oven with a potato sauce and coconut milk. The result is an irresistible combination of flavours!

Did you see how many tasty dishes you can make for a vegan lunch? Write down your favorites to kick ass when it comes to cooking. And if you’re already thinking about dessert, see also vegan brigadeiro recipes that are simply sensational.

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