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By Karyne Santiago

On 25.05.21

Whether as dinner entrees or as a main course, soups are delicious. This is because they have slower cooking for flavor building. In addition, stews have an affective characteristic, which often warms body and heart. And with the arrival of the cold, nothing better than a little soup, right? So, check out these soup recipes, which will stir your taste buds. Check them out!

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1. Onion soup

If you want a nutritious and delicate soup that can serve as a starter or main course, bet on this onion soup. Delicious and practical, you will need only olive oil, onion, salt, wheat flour, vegetable broth, bay leaf, nutmeg and cumin to obtain a light and extremely appetizing broth.

2. Vegetable soup

Want a vegetable soup that is healthy and very simple to make? Then here it is! In this recipe the preparation is made only in the pressure cooker. With basic ingredients and without an animal protein, it is a great vegetarian option for the colder days. Serve warm and if you wish, enjoy it with some bread, croutons or toast.

3. Bean soup

If you find beans an essential ingredient in your meals, this recipe is for you. With a simple cream made with cooked beans, sausage and noodles you will get a strong and extremely tasty soup for lunch or dinner. This is a recipe that has a great yield and can be shared with the whole family!

4. Cassava soup with sausage

Turn simple ingredients like cassava and sausage into a tasty creamy soup. With just cassava, sausage, tomato, onion, salt, black pepper and water you make a full-bodied, light and delicious broth. Enjoy the arrival of winter to try this wonder!

5. Pea soup with sausage

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No one can resist a tasty pea cream, can they? And to give it a special flavor, just add sausage and bacon. Do you feel like learning? Press play and see how practical and quick it is to make this broth. In addition, it can be served as a starter or main dish. Make it for the family, they will love it!

6. Cassava soup

The cassava, also known as baroa potato, is a tuber loved by Brazilians. Nutritious and with a delicate and unique flavor, it always yields delicious meals, and this recipe for velvety soup can prove it to you. Enjoy the cold weather to try this delicious dish!

7. Pumpkin soup

With a sweet taste and a light texture, this pumpkin soup will be a hit at home. In this video, you’ll learn how to make a velvety pumpkin cream with a touch of ginger, white wine and whole grain yogurt. Also, see how to take full advantage of the pumpkin and make a farofinha with the peels and seeds. How delicious!

8. Beetroot soup

This beet soup recipe, made in 30 minutes, takes only with beets, potatoes, olive oil, onion, garlic and some spices. Besides being very tasty it is practical and very simple to make. Finally, add a little cream and chopped chives to give a special touch!

9. Mushroom soup

If you admire French cuisine and its flavor combinations, this recipe will win your heart! The soup is loaded with sophistication and flavor and contains only two types of mushrooms, white wine and truffle oil. To finish in style, make a delicious crust with puff pastry. It’s really very tasty!

10. Soup fit

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For those who want to warm up in winter, but without going off their diet, this recipe is right on time. With low-calorie vegetables, no carbohydrates and shredded chicken, this delicious broth will give you satiety. The recipe is prepared in a single pot and its step by step is very simple. Enjoy this wonder, because yes, fit food can also be tasty!

11. Capeletti soup

If you think soup is not a meal, this video will prove you wrong. This special recipe is made with onion, carrot, parsley, black pepper, salt and chicken. The cooking time may not be that fast, but the flavor makes up for it. After the preparation time, simply remove the solid ingredients from the pan and let the capeletti cook in this magnificent broth!

12. Noodle soup with ground beef

Want an easy recipe with ingredients you already have in the fridge? Then, press play on the video! You’ll need oil, ground beef, chayote, carrots, potatoes, garlic, salt, paprika, black pepper, beef broth, tomato paste and noodles. After that, just saute the meat with the vegetables, cook for about 30 minutes and voila, you have a warm and delicious soup.

13. Chicken soup

Another famous soup recipe and much loved by Brazilians is the canja. With vegetables and chicken, this broth has its flavor built gradually and cautiously. And the strong spices like ginger, allspice and lots of garlic, are capable of curing any cold. Feel like it? Separate the ingredients and try to make this delicious dish!

14. Meat soup with vegetables and noodles

Another tasty soup made in a single pot. Quick and simple to prepare, this broth is almost an affective recipe. The juiciness of the meat with the delicate flavor of the carrots and yucca makes the difference and makes the meal even more delicious, warming body and soul. You need to make it at home!

15. Ossobuco soup

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Another strong stew recipe! This tasty ossobuco soup, although it needs more cooking time, is quite simple. You can use whatever vegetables you like, giving preference to the harder vegetables because of the cooking time. In addition, you don’t need to worry about cutting the ingredients into small pieces, because this recipe has a more rustic footprint.

Eating is a pleasurable experience, and when we eat something that brings us comfort, the pleasure is even greater. Try making one of these recipes at home this winter. If you’d prefer to stay a little warmer, check out these hot drink recipes.

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