15 recipes to delight in afternoon snacks


Potato bread is a great option for breakfast or afternoon snack. It can be stuffed or not and yet it is irresistible. Even more so if it’s very warm: the butter comes and melts! Do you want to find out several ways to make the recipe for this pasta at home? Then check out the selection below:

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1. Potato bread in the frying pan

How about making a potato roll straight in the frying pan, with only 4 ingredients and in less than 5 minutes? Besides being delicious, you can also test the recipe in the airfryer or in the oven!

2. Blender potato bread

Do you know what recipe brings a super fluffy, easy bagel? This one! The whole process is done in the blender and the ingredients are also simple to find in the supermarket. Check it out!

3. Blender potato bread with milk

Have you ever thought about making a very soft roll and serving it as an afternoon snack for the family? The dough mainly contains fresh yeast, warm milk, baked potatoes and less than 1kg of wheat flour. Shall we try it?

4. Cute potato bread

Why not make that bread to sell? In the video, Isamara Amâncio teaches the step by step with the right amount of each ingredient and still gives the average cost of the recipe. It’s worth watching!

5. Potato bread with sesame

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What if you finish the bagel with sesame and egg? Besides giving color, the taste is amazing! In the dough, we still mix sugar, salt, milk and 1.4kg of wheat flour. And the chef guarantees that it doesn’t get too heavy. Try it!

6. Potato bread with butter

Look what a good idea to make the bread even tastier: mix two spoons of butter and 30ml of oil to make the dough even fluffier. Watch!

7. Potato bread with rosemary

Kitchen A Two

Do you want a different recipe that brings several health benefits? This bread with rosemary is crunchy and has a very delicate taste. The smell in the air is irresistible. Check out the complete recipe!

8. Sweet potato bread

Those who love sweet potatoes need to try this recipe! The amazing thing is that the dough doesn’t carry an egg, and yet it’s fluffy and delicious. Run to the kitchen and try it!

9. Potato bread stuffed with curd cheese

How would you like to make a warm bread with a cream cheese filling to whet the appetite of the whole family? Nobody resists and the recipe pays a lot, so as not to leave anyone at ease!

10. Potato bread stuffed with Catupiry

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A good idea is also to stuff the bread with Catupiry. After all, it’s almost impossible to go without cheese dough, isn’t it? The recipe takes 4 cups of wheat flour, but you can dose it until it stops sticking to your hands.

11. Gluten free potato bread with Catupiry


Did you know that you can make a nice, gluten-free roll? Instead of wheat flour, you’ll use sour powder. It looks like cheese bread, but it’s got the plus of potatoes. You find the recipe and the step by step!

12. Potato bread stuffed with cheese

For those who love to stuff a lot, this succulent recipe brings two types of cheese to put inside the dough. You can also learn a trick to use fresh or dry yeast. Watch and don’t resist!

13. Potato bread stuffed with 3 cheeses


Nothing better than a loaf of bread stuffed with a lot of cheese! This delicacy takes parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta, and the result is a chin fall. The favorite idea of pasta fans. Check out the recipe!

14. Potato bread stuffed with calabrese and curd cheese

You know the secret to that recipe? Use a mixer to mix the dough well and make it fluffy. The filling has crushed calabresa and cream cheese, worth trying!

15. Potato bread stuffed with calabrese and cheese

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Calabresa goes with cheese, doesn’t it? And making that bread at home is easy! The recipe has no secrets and it’s basically the same as the others. The difference is in the filling, and you can change it however you want.

Did you like the recipes? Besides being cuddly, this bread is the doom of pasta lovers and allows a variety of delicious fillings. And if you like to innovate at mealtimes, how about checking out our recipes ideas for brunch? The tips are not to be missed!

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