20 recipes besides June parties


The creamy canjica will make your mouth water and is confirmed presence in the June parties spread throughout Brazil. However, you can consume it as a dessert at any time and it can be served chilled or warm, with ingredients that highlight the flavors. Here are some amazing recipes to try now!

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1. Simple creamy canjica


This is an easy recipe for hominy, where you don’t have to soak it in. With only milk, corn and sugar, you’ll have the basis to increase as you like. Follow all the details in the video!

2. Yellow creamy canjica

Made in the pressure cooker, this recipe takes few ingredients and brings condensed milk and coconut milk, which ensure an extra creaminess to the jam.

3. Creamy Canjica with paçoquinha

How about uniting two stars of the June party, the canjica and the paçoquinha? That’s what this recipe brings that combines ease, simplicity and tradition in a single preparation.

4. Creamy Canjica with condensed milk

Here, the condensed milk ensures the creamy texture of the hominy. In addition, a valuable tip is presented: leaving the corn for the hominy overnight makes the cooking faster. Make a note of it!

5. Creamy Canjica with coconut milk

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Easy recipe with plenty of coconut and an irresistible creaminess, derived from two little coconut milk bottles, condensed milk and cream. Here, the hard part is not to get in the mood. Enjoy doing it at home!

6. Creamy Canjica with milk powder

The powdered milk makes this hominy more consistent and delicious. Ingredients like coconut milk, cream and condensed milk are essential for the combination of flavors, and you have to try them!

7. Creamy Canjica with Clove and Cinnamon

In this preparation, the clove and the cinnamon give that spicy taste to the hominy. Feel free to add nutmeg, star anise or ginger for a more marked taste.

8. Creamy Canjica with orange

In the Helô Kitchen

This is a recipe for orange-peel casserole. You need to cut the peels into thin strips, add sugar and water to the pan and boil for 5 minutes. They will be used both to incorporate the orange peel and to decorate. See all the details on the blog!

9. Creamy Canjica with Tin Corn

With a more pasty consistency, this recipe is called « curau » in the South or Southeast of our country and « canjica » in the North or Northeast. The consistency here is achieved by using butter and cornstarch in the recipe.

10. Creamy Canjica with peanuts

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Easy recipe of peanut butter, which is roasted and ground, and condensed milk, to give even more flavor. You can already imagine how delicious and supreme it gets, right?

11. Creamy Canjica with brown and refined sugar

This is a preparation essentially made of canjica, made with condensed milk, peanuts, cinnamon stick, refined sugar and brown. These ingredients guarantee the brownest coloring for the hominy, and we love them!

12. Creamy Canjica of milk jam

Sweet milk + cream + peanut = an amazing hominy! To make it even tastier, add the cinnamon. The best is that the recipe brings both the creaminess conferred by the doce de leite and the crunchy part of the peanut.

13. Creamy Canjica with boy’s foot


If the subject is crunchy texture, this home-made kid’s foot cinnamon is the right choice. To know how to make it and see the details of the recipe, go to the blog!

14. Creamy 4-milk Canjica

Here, the 4 milks are ordinary milk, condensed milk, cream and powdered milk. To add that extra touch, grated or flaked coconut is added. This recipe is tu-di-nho that milk lovers are looking for.

15. Canjica creamy brûlée

Toast Toast

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This proposal is more sophisticated, but also super easy, made with cream, sugar, vanilla and coconut milk. When the casserole is cold, add the sugar, which should be melted with a blowtorch or with a trick taught in the blog. See the recipe in its entirety!

16. Creamy Canjica of Sagu

Go Food

Here, the sago is incorporated into the hominy, bringing a different and full texture to the preparation. This hominy is preferably served chilled and you can check all the details on the blog.

17. Creamy vegan canjica

In this vegan option, coconut milk is responsible for the creaminess and is beaten with corn in the blender. Then, the preparation is sieved and taken to the fire until it thickens. You can serve it on a platter and sprinkle cinnamon over it.

18. Functional Creamy Canjica

Dani Noce

This recipe is unmissable and approved by the nutritionist Priscila Riciardi, who points out that the canjica has two sources of resistant starch: one is a source of fiber and controls the glycemic index. Learn all about this preparation on the blog!

19. Low carb creamy canjica

That’s the perfect cannabis to fit your low-car diet. Here, corn is replaced by cashew nuts and peanuts. In addition, peanut paste is added, which is optional, but makes the recipe even creamier.

20. Canjica creamy fit

With cannabis corn, coconut milk, water, cinnamon, cornstarch and your favorite sweetener, you can make this fit version of cannabis, which is not left behind in texture and taste. It’s worth a try!

After seeing so many divine recipes, it’s even hard to choose just one, isn’t it? To see other preparations that bet on creaminess, see delicious options of creamy rice pudding.

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