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For those on a diet or even in search of a healthier diet, it is not necessary to completely remove sweets from the menu. However, it is interesting to opt for preparations made with right ingredients. Thinking about it, the chocolate fit cake can be a great companion for that moment when you feel like eating a sweet. See delicious recipes!

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1. Chocolate fit cake with 3 ingredients

That’s exactly what you read: it only takes three ingredients to test this recipe in your kitchen. Were you curious? Then write down what you’ll need: half-bitter chocolate, eggs and yeast. Made in the mixer, the preparation has no complications and will be a success on your table.

2. Simple fit chocolate cake

Blender mass is synonymous with practicality, right? Besides, this is a recipe that combines cocoa powder with grated coconut. The taste of chocolate together with that of fruit is amazing, and yet you hardly even have a job in the kitchen. It’s worth a try!

3. Chocolate fit cake in the frying pan

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Would you like to try a recipe that is practical to make and still be ready in a short time? Then that is the ideal suggestion! To make the taste irresistible, the tip is to use cocoa powder and drops of chocolate in the dough. If you want, you can also learn how to make a topping. See the complete step-by-step test.

4. Chocolate fit cake with honey

The purpose of this recipe is to sweeten the pasta with honey. This way, you use a natural ingredient that still gives your cake a different touch. To make it even better, a delicious topping also comes on the scene.

5. Chocolate fit mug cake

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Did you beat that craving for candy? In those moments, microwave recipes fall very well. Here, kneaded banana is used as a base for the dough, but you will also need oat bran, egg, cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey and baking powder.

6. Microwave chocolate fit cake

Another microwave option, this recipe is made with oat bran, cocoa powder, xylitol, eggs, cream and chemical yeast. The preparation consists of mixing all the ingredients and take the dough to the household appliance for only 3 minutes. In addition, melted chocolate, butter and cream are mixed to serve as a topping.

7. Chocolate fit cake with biomass in the microwave

In this recipe, the dough is made with banana, carob or cocoa, coconut flour, coconut oil and baking powder. The biomass is used in the filling. For this, it is mixed in a mixer with water, carob and xylitol. Then, it is just taken to the fire with butter. To moisten the cake dough, the tip is to use orange. Also, shredded coconut comes in.

8. Chocolate fit cake with rice flour

Without gluten and lactose, with this recipe you get a cake that tastes like chocolate and has a very soft texture. All this makes you want to run to the kitchen, right? To improve it even more, the preparation is very simple.

9. Chocolate fit cake with oatmeal

You know that prestigious cake that combines the taste of chocolate and coconut? It’s what you learn to make with that recipe. Here, the dough is chocolate, the filling has a coconut cream and the topping is on a ganache. The result is simply impossible to resist!

10. Chocolate fit cake with coconut flour

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Coconut flour is a great substitute for wheat flour when preparing a fit cake. Moreover, the sugar chosen in this recipe is the brown, which gives an aromatic touch to the dough. For the coverage, the tip is to make a syrup with 85% cocoa chocolate, almond milk and coconut.

11. Chocolate fit cake with wholemeal flour

To test this recipe at home, you must start by beating whole wheat flour, eggs, brown sugar, oil, cocoa powder and skim milk in the blender. Then, it’s time to mix the yeast. Then, just take it to bake. If you want an even tastier result, you can still learn how to make a chocolate syrup.

12. Chocolate fit cake with skim milk

With a remarkable taste of chocolate due to the use of 100% cocoa and drops, this is still a dough that is soft and moist at the same time. All this makes this a recipe that will easily conquer your palate. Besides, the dough is handmade.

13. Chocolate fit cake with xylitol

This is a recipe that leaves sugar aside and uses xylitol to sweeten the cake. And there’s more: gluten and lactose are not part of the preparation either. Even so, the result is very tasty and will surprise you positively!

14. Chocolate fit cake with banana

It’s not just mug cake that can be made in the microwave, see? This is a recipe in a standard size, but where the cake is baked in the appliance. So you spend little time in the kitchen and you can still share the candy.

15. Chocolate fit cake with almond flour

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Almond flour is rich in protein and has a low carbohydrate content. Besides, its taste is very good. All this makes it a great choice to prepare your cake dough. Besides it, the recipe includes oats, hot water, eggs, demerara sugar, coconut oil, cocoa powder, yeast and, optionally, chia and flaxseed.

16. Chocolate fit cake with zucchini

To close the list, a recipe where the cake gets extremely wet. One of the ingredients that guarantee this result is the zucchini. As this is a soft-tasting vegetable, it doesn’t add much taste to the cake, but it guarantees more nutrients for your day.

With so many tasty chocolate fit cake options, it’s even hard to choose which one to test first, isn’t it? The good thing is that you can separate your favorites and do it whenever you want. And to increase your repertoire, check out how to make a variety of flavored fit cakes, which are perfect for the rush hour.

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