15 recipes to delight yourself with this dish

Zucchini pie can save your lunch and dinner! It’s super-practical, delicious, and yields several portions. In addition, the zucchini is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamins E, A, C. Next, we have selected different recipes for you to test. Shall we check it out?

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1. plain zucchini pie

To begin with, you will learn how to prepare a very simple vegetarian recipe. The way to make it is super easy: just add all the ingredients in a container and mix until they are incorporated. Curious? Check out the details on the video!

2. Zucchini pie with oat bran

In this recipe, the secret is to use oat bran to make it healthier. Besides, the other ingredients are easy to find and in 40 minutes, you have a delicious pie for lunch or dinner.

3. Zucchini pie with carrot

If you want a practical prescription, you’ll love checking out this tip! Here, you don’t need to use a blender to make the dough because the idea is to mix all the ingredients little by little. The best? The pie yields a lot, so the whole family can enjoy it.

4. Zucchini frying pie

You know those days when we’re out of the past? It’s best to invest in practical foods, isn’t it? So, write down all the ingredients of this pie because it’s ready in five minutes and it’s super easy!

5. Zucchini pie with ricotta

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A delicious recipe, with healthy ingredients and very easy to make. The suggestion here is to use ricotta in the filling. The texture of the pie is firm but at the same time dissolves in the mouth. What are you waiting for to test? Read the recipe and write down all the ingredients!

6. Zucchini pie with ham, cheese and corn

How about diversifying in the filling of that pie? Besides the zucchini, you can put cheese, corn, ham and other vegetables of your preference. It’s ready in about 40 minutes by baking in the oven. Enjoy your meal!

7. Zucchini pie with bacon

If you’re from the team that loves bacon, you’ll love checking out this recipe. That’s because combining the smoky taste with the softness of the zucchini gives an incredible result! Test it out and try this six-pack delight.

8. Zucchini pie with calabrese

If you prefer calabresa, this recipe is ideal! Besides the calabresa, ingredients such as paprika, corn, onion, garlic and onion are used. Invest in spices to give the pie a special flavor.

9. Zucchini and chicken pie

Another delicious suggestion is to use chicken to make the filling. In addition, to finish, you can decorate with Parmesan cheese. The result is delicious.

10. Zucchini sliced pie

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You know those moments you need to cook without wasting too much time? In those cases, this recipe teaches you how to make zucchini pie using ready-made puff pastry and zucchini slices. In addition, you can use your favorite ricotta and spices to give the dish even more flavor.

11. Zucchini pie

This recipe is all good! Practical, tasty and economical. For the filling, you must grind the zucchini very thin and use other vegetables and spices. To bake, the suggestion is to put it in small pie shapes that have a removable bottom.

12. Pie other than zucchini


Healthy, different pie with no oil in it! That’s what this recipe will teach. Check out the step by step ingredients and secret tips to make the zucchini green and pliable in this link!

13. Gluten and lactose free zucchini pie

Do you have sensitivity or intolerance to gluten and lactose? Know that this is no problem, because we brought a special recipe for you to try. The result is a creamy, wet, fluffy pie. Check out all the details on the video.

14. Low carb zucchini pie

If you are in the process of lowcarb re-education, this is the ideal recipe. That’s because it’s super simple and has few ingredients, low carbohydrates and it’s delicious! Make it and try it right now.

15. Zucchini fit pie

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To close, one more little recipe from the fit line. Here, only oat bran, eggs and cake yeast are used for the dough. Were you curious? Then watch the video to note the ingredients and learn the step by step. Enjoy your meal!

So, have you decided what recipe you’re going to test? To make your meal more complete, we suggest learning how to make a delicious brownie fit.

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