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The white bean salad is an excellent recipe for those who want a tasty and nutritious meal. This is because this ingredient has several benefits, such as helping to reduce diabetes, increase the feeling of satiety and reduce carbohydrate absorption. Read on and find out how to prepare this salad for everyday life!

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1. Simple white bean salad


To start, we have a simple and practical recipe for you to test. The tip is to take care of the bean’s cooking point, because it can’t be breaking. Check out more details on the video!

2. White bean salad with ham

Here, the suggestion is to put ham to make the salad supergosed. Also, use salt and pepper to give a special taste to the dish. The yield of this recipe is 3 portions. Enjoy your meal!

3. White bean salad with carrot

Veganana Blog

One of the coolest things about this salad is that it practices, fast and you can put in the spices and leaves of your preference. So check out the recipe details and use and abuse your creativity for this dish!

4. White bean salad with leek

Traverse Kitchen

That salad will make your mouth water! Besides the leek, it has ingredients like chard, broccoli, carrots, acabaxi and many others: in other words, it pleases all tastes. Are you curious? So, check out how to do it on the blog Cozinha Travessa!

5. White bean salad with mushrooms

Traverse Kitchen

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This dish is ideal for those who want to lose weight. Just pay attention to the amount of salt: the black olive used is well salted, so avoid excesses. Go to the blog Cozinha Travessa and learn the recipe!

6. White bean salad with calabrese

That recipe will make anyone’s mouth water. That’s because the suggestion here is to add calabresa to the salad. This ingredient guarantees even more flavor to the dish. Try it!

7. White bean salad with courgette

Simply Delight

The suggestion here is to make the zucchini salad. That way, you’ll have even more health benefits. That’s because zucchini is an antioxidant, rich in vitamin C and an ally for food re-education. Check out the preparation method on the blog Simply Delicious!

8. White bean salad with tuna

A super easy recipe that works great for lunch or dinner. Besides tuna, several sauces and spices are used in the recipe. To finish, squeeze some of the juice from a lemon and put parsley on top.

9. White bean salad with tuna and purple onion

How about, besides tuna, using purple onions in your salad? In the video, you check out an amazing tip to soothe the onion’s burning. Use the spices and herbs of your preference to make the recipe even more delicious!

10. Bean salad with pepper mix

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Who doesn’t like a salad with peppers, right? The best of all is that the way of preparation is supersimple: just the beans are cooked and mix all the ingredients. Besides, the recipe yields a lot, so you can make it and share it with the family.

11. Bean salad with bacon and egg

Want to diversify and leave the tastiest salad with bacon? Then check out this recipe and learn all the steps necessary to make it in your home. To finish, the tip is to put olive oil and a little black pepper on top. Enjoy your meal!

12. White bean salad with cod

The cod has omega-3 and is a super-healthy fish, which helps to lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the suggestion is to use it to increase the benefits that this salad brings to health.

13. White bean salad with calabrese and bacon

Another recipe for no one to put fault! Here, the tip is to prepare the salad to eat in a meal with the whole family, because it yields several portions. Test it now and let everyone drool!

14. White bean salad with baked vegetables

Honey and Pepper

Super-healthy and full of excellent nutrients for health, this recipe uses baked vegetables. In addition, the suggestion is to use zahtar – a seasoning used in the Middle East – to give a special taste to the dish. Visit the blog Mel e Pimenta and learn how to prepare this delight!

15. White vegan bean salad

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Finally, an incredible vegan recipe! It’s a refined dish and therefore perfect to serve at a Sunday lunch or for friends. Watch the video and also check out an excellent tip to make a smoked chili that can be added to your salad.

Healthy recipe is all well and good, isn’t it? So, to make your meals tastier, we suggest preparing a delicious brownie fit for dessert.

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