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Rice flour lowers blood cholesterol levels, improves bowel function and reduces the feeling of hunger. In addition, it is used in various dishes to replace traditional flour, such as cakes. Check out the recipes and learn how to prepare delicious options of cake with rice flour!

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1. Simple cake with rice flour


For starters, a super easy recipe that doesn’t need a blender or a blender. It’s a simple and tasty cake to eat at the afternoon coffee. Watch the video and check out how to make it!

2. Orange cake with rice flour

An orange muffin always goes well, doesn’t it? Then know that you can also prepare this delight using rice flour. The cake looks really cuddly and in about 40 minutes you can taste the result!

3. Fubá cake with rice flour


Another delicious cake for you to test is the cornmeal. Besides the cake, the suggestion is to prepare a delicious syrup using coconut flakes. Did it get water in your mouth? Then check Veganana blog for more details.

4. Cassava cake with rice flour

If you want to test something different, we suggest baking a supercreme manioc cake. The ingredients used are very light and ideal for those who are in food re-education. In 50 minutes, the cake will be ready for you to try!

5. Coconut cake with rice flour

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This is a gluten-free, lactose-free recipe for you to test in your home. The preparation is simple, as you can mix the ingredients and beat them in the blender. Also, after 50 minutes in the oven, the cake will be ready. Enjoy!

6. Yoghurt cake with rice flour

Would you like a unique, smelly, super fluffy cake? Then try this recipe! Just beat the ingredients in the blender and bake for 30 minutes.

7. Banana cake with rice flour

Here, we have a gluten-free, lactose-free prescription. The tip for baking is to caramelize the shape, put sliced bananas and add the dough. For more details, see the step by step video.

8. Lemon cake with rice flour

How about tasting all the citric taste of lemon in a delicious gluten-free, lactose-free cake? Besides rice flour, you will also use linseed flour. To finish, make a lemon syrup and serve it!

9. Sicilian lemon cake with rice flour

Molding Affection

Here, the tip is to use the rice flour with the cornstarch to provide a fluffy consistency for the cake. This recipe yields 12 pieces and takes an average of 40 minutes to bake. Check out the details on the blog Moldando Afeto!

10. Apple cake with rice flour

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Do you love apple? Then look at this amazing recipe! This fruit gives it a delicious taste and aroma. Watch the video, write down all the ingredients and make a tasty cake so no one can get it wrong!

11. Walnut cake with rice flour

Five Orange Rooms

Here, the suggestion is to use nuts for the filling and to make a delicious chocolate syrup to decorate and give the cake a special touch. The ingredients and details of the preparation you check in the blog Cinco Quartos de Laranja.

12. Anthill cake with rice flour

The important thing when adapting recipes is to use flavors that everyone loves. That’s why you’ll learn how to make a delicious cake with granulated chocolate in the dough. The best? The way it’s prepared is super easy, because you beat all the ingredients in the blender.

13. Cake mixed with rice flour

Pati Bianco

That’s a vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free cake. The suggestion here is to use brown rice flour and olive oil, because these two ingredients help not to leave the dough heavy. The result is a super fluffy cake worthy of a grandmother’s recipe. Come and learn how to make this recipe!

14. Chocolate cake with rice flour

That cake will help you kill the weightless desire for candy on your conscience. That’s because it’s gluten-free and lactose-free. Best of all, it’s easy to make, the dough gets super fluffy and you learn to prepare a delicious syrup to decorate it.

15. Carrot cake with rice flour

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Who doesn’t love a good carrot cake, right? To make the recipe even tastier, try making the proposed chocolate syrup. Wonderful is little to describe the result!

16. Prestige cake with rice flour

In the video, you check out the step-by-step and the secrets to riding. But stay tuned: this cake doesn’t grow much, so use a smaller form to bake it. Besides, 210ºC is the ideal temperature for the oven: if you bake it at a very high temperature, it will be hard.

17. Milk volcano cake Nest with rice flour

To prepare this cake, you will beat all the ingredients of the dough in the blender and then make the topping. The secret is to put the topping in the middle of the cake when it is cold and sprinkle powdered milk on top. Make it and share it with your loved ones!

After so many recipes, it’s hard to choose which one to prepare, isn’t it? Did you like our tips? Then learn how to make a delicious fit cheese bread too and make coffee time even tastier!

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