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A pineapple dessert served chilled well is perfect to send the heat away in a tasty way. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list with recipes for the most varied palates. It has very simple options, that match with the day by day, and others more incremented, perfect for special occasions. Check it out!

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1. Pineapple dessert with 2 ingredients

Pineapple dessert with only 2 ingredients? That’s exactly what you read! They’re gelatin and cream. To improve even more, step by step is extremely simple and you learn how to make a charming decoration. If you want, you can still use cherry and pineapple slices when finishing.

2. Pineapple mousse dessert simple and quick

In this recipe, you learn how to make a pineapple mousse. To do this, you need to whip up condensed milk, cream and juice powder in a blender. Then, just put your candy in a baking dish and take it to ice cream. No complications, you can enjoy it now!

3. Pineapple dessert with coconut

This is an option that consists only in mixing condensed milk, cream, pineapple juice and grated coconut. This is done in a bowl with the help of a spoon. When the texture is homogeneous, just put the dessert in the refrigerator.

4. Pineapple dessert with condensed milk

That’s a creamy recipe where fresh pineapple chunks come in. This way, you can feel both the taste and texture of the fruit. This candy is made in the pot, but it’s no trouble at all. It’s worth checking it out step by step in the video!

5. Pineapple dessert with Maizena and vanilla

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Another option of cream made with pieces of fresh pineapple in the pot, this recipe has Maizena, which helps to thicken the texture of the jam. Besides, the vanilla gives that perfect aromatic touch to close your dessert with a golden key.

6. Pineapple dessert with gelatin

Refreshing and not too sweet, this is a dessert that still surprises by the presentation. That’s because it has two layers. Even so, it’s only made with gelatin, cream, fresh pineapple and sugar.

7. Pineapple dessert iced with coconut milk

This is an extremely practical recipe, in which all the ingredients go into the same pot. If you don’t have experience in the kitchen, you can take your chances with this dessert. The step by step is detailed and uncomplicated!

8. Pineapple pave

This is a pave in which layers of yolk cream and champagne biscuit are interspersed with pineapple syrup. Then boiled pineapples enter the scene, and the dessert is finished with Swiss meringue. This way, you can feel different textures and flavors at each fork.

9. Pineapple pave with biscuit

Pineapple cream and Maizena biscuit are used to form the layers of this pave. For finishing, the tip is to add grated coconut. This way, you guarantee a dessert flavored with two fruits.

10. Pineapple pave with granulate

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Don’t you want to cook pineapple with sugar to add to your pave? For this, this recipe proposes using the fruit in syrup. It is placed with a white cream in the pave assembly, which also carries Maizena biscuit. The final touch is granulated chocolate.

11. Pineapple pave with milk Nest

Nest Milk is that ingredient that is successful in preparing the most varied desserts, and here it is no different. It is used in the cream that fills the pave and combined with milk to moisten the champagne cookies. Not to mention pineapple syrup, grated coconut and cherries, which also help to compose the dessert.

12. Pineapple dessert with whipped cream

Composed of four layers, this recipe takes pineapple cream, biscuit moistened in the syrup, plus cream and whipped cream. To give more flavor and extra charm to the jam, the tip is to use pineapple cubes as decoration.

13. Pineapple dessert with caramel and coconut

This is a dessert recipe that takes a white cream with condensed milk, cream, coconut milk, milk and corn starch. Then that cream is covered with caramelized pineapple. To close, just sprinkle grated coconut over the candy.

14. Pineapple dessert with gelatin and biscuit

White cream, Maizena biscuit, boiled pineapple and pineapple jelly make up this recipe. Thus, you get a sweet with different layers and flavors. It’s worth a try!

15. Pineapple dessert caramelized with cream

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Pineapple caramelized, cream of confectioner and cream of egg whites are used in this preparation. Even though it is divided into three steps, the recipe is very simple to follow.

16. Pineapple Snowy Dessert

The last recipe on the list has three layers. The first layer is caramelized pineapple, the second is a white cream and the last one is a mashed meringue. The result is pure charm and an irresistible taste!

With so many incredible options, it’s easy to enjoy a pineapple dessert. Now, it’s time to choose which one you like best to test at home. And if you want to enjoy the taste of this fruit even more, check out other pineapple recipes!

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