20 incredibly easy recipes for you to test


Muffins are those English muffins that conquer everyone and are consumed a lot in the United States, for example. The possible flavors are so many that they inspired us to select these mouth-watering recipes. Follow us next!

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1. lemon muffin with condensed milk

A recipe in which condensed milk is added to the dough with the shavings and juice of a taiti lemon. Finally, you can sprinkle icing sugar on your muffins. See all the details step by step!

2. Banana muffin with chocolate

That’s that preparation to do with the children, because it’s very easy and fast. Increase the muffin with sliced banana-nanicas and lots of chocolate drops!

3. Banana muffin with cinnamon

Banana + cinnamon make the perfect combination! Here, you add the cinnamon to the dough and the sliced bananas on top, before baking. Feel free to sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on the hot muffins!

4. Apple muffin

How about preparing apple muffins with pieces of fruit and a touch of cinnamon? The best part is that you don’t waste anything, because apple peels are also used in the dough.

5. Strawberry muffin

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This preparation has a crunchy appearance on top, as it has a « topping » made with icy butter, wheat flour, brown sugar and refined sugar. Strawberries, on the other hand, emphasize even more the flavors. Try them!

6. Muffin with chocolate drops

Make wonderful muffins with this recipe: it has a simple dough, but it looks divine with the chocolate drops and you can add a touch of vanilla. Try it!

7. Red fruit muffin

Nothing better than a cuddly noodle full of berries, right? Even better is the practicality of this recipe, which is ready in minutes!

8. Chocolate muffin

This muffin has powdered chocolate in it and bitter chocolate in it. It’s all you need to call your friends and try it!

9. Muffin of cornmeal with guava

Ideal recipe to accompany the coffee! In it, there are two classics of our cuisine: guava and cornmeal. Nothing prevents you from adding pieces of cheese to this combination, turning it into Romeo and Juliet.

10. Muffin with hazelnut flour and drops of chocolate

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Hazelnut flour has an outstanding taste and is the differential of this preparation. Besides, it makes a super double with chocolate. Check it out!

11. Starbucks blueberry muffin

This is the recipe for the famous blueberry muffin that is present in many movies and series. Besides, it’s one of Starbucks’ biggest attractions. Take a look at the video and get your hands on it!

12. Apple vegan muffin

Proposal free of gluten and ingredients of animal origin, but that maintains the taste and texture. Besides, you will use the whole apples, without waste.

13. Apple fit muffin

Fit option in which the apple, once again, is the protagonist, being used with the peel as well. To increase, you can put cashew nuts on top and ensure a lot of crunchiness!

14. Salted parmesan muffin

The salted muffins are extremely tasty and are perfect for those who are not a big fan of candy. The first is Parmesan cheese – which even looks great on top!

15. Salted muffin with ham

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This is a quick preparation with a different touch of dough. This is because you will need wheat flour, mayonnaise, milk, ham, parsley and salt. Mix all the ingredients, put them in the pans and bake.

16. Salted muffin with ham and mozzarella

The filling of the turn consists of ham, mozzarella and grated parmesan. The tip to balance the flavors is to add, besides the salt, a spoon (soup) of sugar.

17. Salted calabrese muffin and curd cheese

What leaves the perfect texture in this preparation is the natural yogurt, responsible for the lightness of the dough. By adding the calabresa, the onion and the curd cheese, you will have an explosion of flavors!

18. Whole chicken muffin

This recipe takes linseed flour, eggs, salt, grated carrots, shredded chicken, water, whole flour, parsley and spring onion. A preparation to be served even at lunch or dinner!

19. Vegan salted vegetable muffin

In this vegan preparation, vegetables reign, and it can be made with those you have at home: tomato, onion, olive, carrot, broccoli… Just let your imagination run wild!

20. Salted carrot fit muffin

That muffin has a beautiful carrot coloring. It also contains eggs, milk, whole rice flour, coconut oil, pink salt and yeast. Delicious and fit at the same time!

Now that you have these wonderful muffin recipes at hand, you can choose your favourites and savour them at any meal. To accompany them, check out fruit combinations to make delicious juices!

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