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Pineapple juice is an excellent option for those who want to freshen up and stay healthy at the same time. This fruit is rich in vitamin A, B1 and C, besides containing several nutritional properties and helping the immune system. It’s a great benefit, isn’t it? Continue with us and check out several ways to consume the juice of this fruit.

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1. Pineapple juice with mint


This recipe is perfect for hot days! That’s because mint brings an even more refreshing taste to the juice. The tip here is to serve the juice with the little pieces of pineapple or strain it if you don’t like the pieces of fruit in the drink. Check the preparation in Aqui na Cozinha!

2. Pineapple juice with passion fruit

Pineapple juice with passion fruit is a refreshing choice, don’t you think? The best of all is that it’s very easy to prepare and you just need the fruit, water and sugar. Will you try it? Then take a look at this extra tip: cut the pineapple slices into four pieces before placing them in the blender and make the process easier.

3. Pineapple juice with cabbage


Is that a healthy recipe you want? Then that’s what you’ll get! Pineapple juice with cabbage combines all the benefits of this fruit with the benefits of cabbage, which, for example, is rich in vitamins A, B6 and C. Moreover, the preparation of this juice is made with pineapple peel. See all the details on the blog Presunto Vegetariano!

4. Pineapple juice with coconut water

This recipe yields about two liters and is delicious. It is healthy, super-practical and, depending on the sweetness of the pineapple you have in your house, you don’t even need to put sugar in it. It’s worth a try, see?

5. Pineapple juice with cabbage and ginger

Honey and Pepper

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How about turbinating your juice even more? The proposal of this version is to unite all the benefits we already know of pineapple and cabbage with the benefits of ginger, which is anti-inflammatory and has thermogenic power that helps to accelerate the metabolism. Want to learn the recipe? Then go to the blog Mel e Pimenta!

6. Pineapple juice with mint and flaxseed

Creative Menu

Have you ever thought about adding more fiber to your juice and turbinating the healthy effects of that recipe? That’s what you’ll learn in this version of the juice that’s delicious, as well as providing fiber and omega 3. See all the ingredients and how to prepare in the Creative Menu blog!

7. Pineapple juice with sparkling mint


You know when that soda craving hits? What if we told you that it’s possible for you to make a delicious pineapple juice? Yes, it’s possible! Just add soda water to the recipe and enjoy the drink. The complete preparation mode you can check in the Creative Menu blog.

8. Green pineapple juice with ginger

How about that green juice option? Besides enjoying the benefits of this juice, by adding ginger, you make it even more nutritious. This is because ginger is a natural thermogenic that helps to burn fat and has an antioxidant effect.

9. Pineapple juice with lemon

This juice helps to detoxify the body and also improves fluid retention. The ingredients? Super easy! Two cabbage leaves, two lemons and a slice of pineapple. Besides being easy, they are great ingredients to include in everyday life. Make this juice and check the benefits.

10. Pineapple juice with melon and mint


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Add melon to your juice and get all the benefits of this fruit: improved blood pressure control, antioxidant action and strengthening of the immune system are some of them. To check all the details and prepare this delight, just check the instructions in the Minute Recipes blog.

11. Pineapple juice with beets


Beet, on the other hand, is over-known for being an excellent source of iron and helping to combat anaemia. You can add it to the juice and get a different taste for your drink. The ingredients used and how to prepare them are in the Creative Menu blog.

12. Pineapple juice with banana and apple

This juice is excellent for those who need more energy in their daily life, because it contains vitamins of the B complex. The way of preparation is simple and you can choose to put or not honey, this will depend on your taste, because the fruits used are naturally more sweet.

13. Pineapple juice with cabbage and cucumber

Honey and Pepper

A version of green juice with pineapple, Japanese cucumber, cabbage and lemon. Served? One thing is for sure: you will have a delicious drink and still enjoy all the health benefits these ingredients bring. See all the details on the blog Mel e Pimenta and make this juice now!

14. Pineapple juice with the cooked peel:

Are you one of those who loves to enjoy all the parts of food? Then this recipe is for you! Besides being economical, it’s very healthy, because the pineapple shell has on average 38% more vitamin C than the pulp itself. Were you curious to prepare this delight? Watch the video and see all the details of how to do it.

15. Pineapple juice with red fruit jelly

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What do you think of the combination of pineapple juice and fruit jelly? Did you like the idea? Because you can make it at home! Just prepare the pineapple juice with a little bit of ginger in the blender. When you finish, put some of the jelly in a glass and fill the rest with the juice. It’s delicious!

16. Name of the recipe

And finally, in this video you will check out the recipe for two pineapple detox juices. One of them combines the benefits of fruit with chia, a fiber that is also detoxifying and very nutritious for health. The second is a pineapple juice with ginger, which is excellent for those who want to be healthy. See more details in the video!

Did you like the recipes and want to see more healthy food tips? Check out and learn how to prepare a delicious pumpkin bread to make your meals more complete.

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