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Did you know that you don’t need food of animal origin to make a perfect mayonnaise? These amazing vegan mayonnaise recipes will prove it to you. Take a look at the options we’ve separated for you to enjoy and try right now!

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1. easy vegan mayonnaise

Vegetable milk, garlic, oil, salt and lemon. Beat the ingredients in the blender and obtain the incredible consistency of mayonnaise. It’s a simple and vegan option for those who don’t give up a good sauce and the old practicality!

2. Vegan mayonnaise with 3 ingredients

This mayonnaise, besides being vegan, is super healthy! The base is made of cashew nuts, but it also has spices that give a very special taste. It’s worth checking and betting on the taste and health of this option!

3. Carrot vegan mayonnaise

Vegan recipes allow us to vary food a lot. In that case, the mayonnaise is carrot! The other ingredients are those that everyone has at home, and to prepare them, you just have to hit the blender. Follow it and enjoy!

4. Cauliflower vegan mayonnaise

This time, the base is cauliflower, a nutritious and delicious vegetable. Nothing like a recipe without food of animal origin and still full of flavor, right? Check out in the video how to prepare and play this amazing mayonnaise!

5. Green vegan mayonnaise

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The green smell is responsible for the unique colour and taste of this mayonnaise! Besides it, it has oil, garlic, salt, sugar, apple vinegar and pickled peas water. You can already imagine the irresistible taste of this recipe, right?

6. Chestnut vegan mayonnaise

You know that perfect seasoned mayonnaise? That’s the one! Cook potato and carrot, then add corn and pea. After soaking the chestnuts, whisk with water, salt, apple vinegar, oregano and oil. This mixture goes to the fire, and then just add it to the vegetables. Check it out!

7. Cajun nut vegan mayonnaise with agar-agar

Just beat all the ingredients: you can’t make a recipe more practical and delicious. Take it to the fire, cook it, and beat it again. Then take it to the fridge and enjoy this recipe mara!

8. Vegan sunflower seed mayonnaise

The recipe is easy, tasty and the sunflower seeds are very nutritious. That’s why this vegetable mayonnaise option is perfect for you to reproduce there in your home. Follow the video and play it in the kitchen!

9. Brown rice vegan mayonnaise

Vegan cuisine is full of options. With cooked brown rice, water, oil, lemon, garlic and salt, you make an irresistible mayonnaise. Oh, and the texture is all good! This option can be used in countless recipes. In the video, you can find out how to make potato salad with this mayonnaise. Check it out!

10. Vegan linseed mayonnaise

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Here, flaxseed flour replaces the egg, giving the recipe its perfect consistency. For that, it needs to be soaked in water. Beat the linseed and water mixture with the rest of the ingredients and voilà: your mayonnaise is ready!

11. Vegan yam mayonnaise

This option is lighter, perfect for everyday life. This is because the oil is replaced by olive oil and the yam is super healthy. Besides, it is very practical! You just need to cook the yam and beat it with the rest of the ingredients.

12. Green coconut vegan mayonnaise

It sounds weird, but the green coconut works really well on that mayonnaise. The good thing is that, besides vegan, the option is healthy, because of the fruit, and does not exaggerate oil. It’s the union of health and taste. Follow the video and get to work!

13. Aquafaba vegan mayonnaise

This option is very simple and identical to traditional mayonnaise. Aquafaba is the chickpea cooking water and a great substitute for egg, and the other ingredients are quite affordable, which makes this recipe perfect. It’s worth a try!

14. Tofu vegan mayonnaise

You can season this mayonnaise option with whatever you want, since it’s superversatile and goes well with everything. Just beat the tofu with olive oil, salt and the herbs and spices of your taste. Mara, right?

15. Vegan mayonnaise from soy extract

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Here, you learn how to make a delicious and practical soy mayonnaise. Because it’s simple, you can add flavors to this mayonnaise. In the video, you will find 2 options: one with parsley and one with olives.

16. Vegan green mayonnaise

This option is based on aquafaba, but it is not a simple mayonnaise. It’s that irresistible green mayonnaise with garlic and a lot of green smell. Play on this recipe and enjoy the flavor and creaminess of this delight!

17. Avocado vegan mayonnaise

You’ll need a ripe avocado and a lot of vegan mayonnaise and delicious. The fat in this recipe comes from the avocado, so it’s super healthy. You can spice it up any way you like: unleash your creativity and enjoy!

18. Vegan garlic mayonnaise

If you’re a garlic lover, this is your moment: use boiled potatoes, garlic and almond oil. Season as you like and then just freeze! If you want a green mayonnaise, just add parsley and spring onion. In the video, you can still learn how to make an irresistible garlic bread with this mayonnaise.

19. Green banana biomass mayonnaise

It doesn’t taste like a banana, believe me! The biomass of green banana is healthy and forms the basis of this recipe. It’s easy to make and has an irresistible taste. Nothing better, right? Bet on this recipe and enjoy your mayonnaise!

20. Potato and carrot mayonnaise


You don’t need food of animal origin to make a perfect mayonnaise: you just need boiled potatoes and carrots, olive oil, almond oil, vinegar and salt. The color looks beautiful and for a special flavor just add mustard and lemon. Check out the complete recipe!

These vegan mayonnaise recipes prove that vegetable ingredients are enough for a delicious result, don’t they? As a side dish, take a look at these blender bread options and have a tasty, practical snack!

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