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Did you beat that hunger at snack time or even the urge to eat candy after lunch or dinner? In those moments, the cupcake fit can be a great ally! That’s because the preparation in the microwave guarantees practicality and little time in the kitchen. Besides, you can try different flavours. Check out the options:

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1. Banana ribbon mug cake

This is a cake that takes banana as a base, but also has a touch of cocoa to leave the dough with a taste of chocolate. To sweeten it, the suggestion is to use honey, but you can also bet on other sweeteners of your preference, like stevia.

2. Banana mug cake with flaxseed

Banana and oats make quite a pair! But the big difference of this recipe is that it leaves the egg aside and uses linseed in its place. Moisturized, this ingredient helps to give the cake a bind. And there’s more: you’ll also learn how to make a topping with green banana biomass, water, cocoa powder and honey.

3. Vanilla mug fit cake

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With a taste of vanilla and gluten free, this recipe is made with rice flour and the dough becomes irresistible. As if that wasn’t enough, a passion fruit syrup still comes on the scene to close the preparation with a golden key. See the step-by-step test at home.

4. Lemon Mug Cake

Do you love the sour taste of lemon? Here, the ingredient is used both to make the dough and a topping. Using the fruit barely gives you extra work and you get a cake with a citric touch to delight yourself. It’s worth a try!

5. Carrot fit mug cake

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Carrot cake with chocolate icing is all very well, and the fit version also looks very tasty. This is a recipe where the dough needs to be made in the blender, so that the vegetable can be crushed. Even so, time in the kitchen is very short.

6. Carob mug fit cake

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In this recipe, the carob is used as a substitute for cocoa, because it is sweeter. Besides it, you will also need to have egg, oatmeal, chia flour, milk or water, sugar, baking powder, sugar and, for decoration, cocoa nibs. Check it out step by step.

7. Orange fit mug cake

Aromatic, orange cake is easy to make and can make your day much tastier. Here, the fruit juice comes into play in the dough and in a syrup, so its taste does not go unnoticed. With a short list of ingredients, it’s worth a try.

8. Coffee mug fit cake

Fit Food Ideas

With a very soft and moist dough, this recipe is not only surprising for its texture. The flavor of coffee is remarkable and the good request is that the suggestion of the recipe is to use the soluble version of the drink. Check the preparation and test mode right now!

9. Oatmeal Mug Cake

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This is a recipe that mixes oat bran with cocoa and dark chocolate bar to form a chocolate cake. To make the dough very soft, natural yogurt also comes on the scene. The other ingredients needed are egg, skim milk powder, sweetener and yeast. See step by step for testing at home.

10. Apple and cinnamon cupcake fit

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The combination of apple and cinnamon is simply delicious for those who like an aromatic cake. Besides, this is a recipe that doesn’t take ingredients of animal origin.

11. Brazil nut cupcake

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In this recipe, the Brazil nut is crushed until it has the texture of a flour. This makes its flavor present in the cake, but you do not feel the pieces of the oleaginous. For an even tastier result, the tip is to use a bitter chocolate syrup as a topping. Check out the complete preparation.

12. Fubá mug fit cake

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Simple, the cornmeal cake is that kind of candy with the smell of a granny house. Here, you learn how to make a version that’s only a minute and a half in the microwave and will win you over. Check it out step by step.

13. Chocolate fit mug cake

The chocolate cake is a classic and this fit version deserves your attention. Without complications in the preparation, you can delight yourself with all the flavor that this candy has to offer and, of breaking, you still learn to make a syrup to make the result more delicious.

14. Gluten and lactose free chocolate mug cake

To make this gluten-free and lactose-free cake recipe, you must have egg, oatmeal, psyllium, brown sugar, cocoa powder, vegetable milk, coconut oil and baking powder in your hands. The list of ingredients is short, but the result will surprise you.

15. Peanut cupcake with chocolate

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In this recipe, the tip is to use peanut butter in the preparation of the dough. For the taste of chocolate, it is necessary to make a ganache for the coverage. Besides being a fit option, you can also use substitution tips to get a gluten-free and vegan cake.

16. Raspberry fit mug cake

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In order to make the basic dough flavored with vanilla more flavored, the purpose of this recipe is to use raspberries. If you want to innovate, you can also use other red fruits, such as strawberries. See the step-by-step test at home.

17. Whey Mug Fit Cake

Egg, whey protein, TCM or coconut oil or olive oil, sweetener of your choice, coconut flour, chemical yeast and water are the only ingredients used in this recipe. Without secrets, the way of preparation is to mix everything and take the dough to the microwave.

18. Coconut fit mug cake

To end the list, a recipe in which coconut is used in three versions: milk, oil and grated. In this way, the fruit flavor is very strong in the cake. To flavor the jam, the suggestion is to use vanilla essence.

With so many delicious fit cake recipes, it’s easy to kill the urge to eat a candy without wasting too much time in the kitchen. To increase your culinary repertoire, also learn how to make pancake fit, with sweet and salty options for you to try.

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