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Oats are rich in fiber and bring benefits such as a feeling of satiety, bowel regulation and prevention of chronic diseases. It is found in different forms: flour, flakes and bran. To make the consumption of this food more delicious, we have separated recipes of pancakes of oats for you to test. Check it out!

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1. Plain oat pancake


Learn how to make a delicious oatmeal pancake. The secret here is to turn the pancake when bubbles start to appear. For the filling, the suggestion is to use ground meat. Check out all the details on the video!

2. Oat pancake with saffron

Another suggestion is to prepare the pancake in a smaller size: this way you can fry more than one at the same time. The filling here is on the saffron.

3. Oat pancake with wheat

You can also make the pancake using oats flakes and wheat. For the filling, we suggest ground meat, but use and abuse creativity for new flavors.

4. Oat and egg pancake

One creative way to catch up with food re-education is to use your imagination to create recipes. So here, you will learn how to make an egg pancake that is not only delicious but also very nutritious.

5. Oat and egg whites pancake

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You want to learn another way to prepare that meal? Then write down all the ingredients and be aware of how to prepare this recipe, which uses egg whites for the dough. How about varying and making a fruit filling?

6. Oat pancake with tapioca

Do you love tapioca? So, one possibility is to make the pancake using that ingredient. The special touch of the recipe is to use a little green smell for the preparation of the dough. Try it on!

7. Oat pancake with tapioca and chia

How about, besides tapioca, adding chia to the pancake? That ingredient has great health benefits. For the filling, the suggestion is to make a ground meat sauce and seasonings.

8. Oat pancake with vegetable milk

There are several ingredients to make pancake dough even more delicious. Here, for example, the suggestion is to use vegetable milk. This is because it will leave the pastry fluffy, besides having a low glycemic index, which makes it beneficial to your health.

9. Oat pancake with cheese

Hmm! Have you thought about making that recipe with grated cheese? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? That ingredient will bring a special touch to the pasta. To serve, the suggestion is to make a red sauce to put over the pancakes.

10. Oat and Zucchini Pancake

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Is that a healthy recipe you want? So just spy on how delicious this zucchini pancake is and it’ll make you super satiated! Use and abuse your imagination to make a fit and tasty filling.

11. Oat pancake with chicken

The highlight here goes to the chia and linseed that are added to the dough. For the filling, make shredded chicken and add spices like garlic and onion. After that, just fry the pancakes in a non-stick pan, put the chicken inside the dough and roll it.

12. Sweet oat pancake

How about you vary and make a sweet pancake? The special taste in this recipe is on the cinnamon. See more details in the video and learn the step-by-step test at home!

13. Sweet oat pancake with brown sugar

Another option for the little ants on duty! Oats, eggs, cinnamon, brown sugar and apple make up this delicious recipe. The tip for success is to cut the apple into very small pieces to facilitate the mixing.

14. American sweet oat pancake

Who’s never seen an American movie and drooled on breakfast pancakes? Now, you don’t have to feel like it anymore. Just be aware of the recipe secret: use small portions to fry the dough, because American pancakes are smaller than the traditional size.

15. Oat pancake with banana

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To make the pancake even tastier, try adding banana to the pasta. The tip here is to put the dough in the pan over low heat and let it cook for two to three minutes, to brown underneath, and only then turn the pancake.

16. Vegan sweet oat pancake

You got vegan on duty crazy about candy here? So, check out this amazing little recipe! You just have to beat all the ingredients in the blender until the dough looks like a puree. When you get to the point, the tip is to let the mixture rest for five minutes in the refrigerator.

17. Healthy vegan oatmeal pancake

Now, a salt pancake dough option for vegans. The highlight here is the spices used to give a special taste to the pasta, like oregano and black pepper. The filling is at your discretion. Try it!

18. Oatmeal pancake fit

Here, you know the tip from a nutritionist to prepare fast and delicious pancakes for your food re-education. The best? You choose whether you want the sweet or salty filling.

19. Light oat pancake

You will learn to prepare two types of pancakes: sweet and salty. For sweet, the suggestion is to use natural zero yogurt and for salty, white cheese. See more details in the video!

20. Low carb oat pancake

Finally, we brought this low carb recipe for those who don’t give up eating tasty and healthy things. The tip is to use the sage seasoning in the dough, because it will give a super special taste to the pancake.

Just thinking about all those pancakes, did you get mouth watering? Then pick your favorite and test it right now! To help you prepare other healthy breakfasts, check out our tapioca recipes.

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