50 Sunday lunch recipes to eat with taste


Sunday lunch calls for a nice meal. Whether it’s a lazy day or a busy cooking day, you can find dishes to test at home. Below you will find a complete list of recipes with simple and incremental options, either to eat alone or share with the family.

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Meet different salad options to serve at your lunch.

1. Simple cabbage salad

This recipe has as main ingredient the cabbage, but it also has other vegetables, they are: chayote, tomato, carrot and pepper. Even so, the preparation is extremely practical, as they are all used raw. To make this recipe, you will also need olive oil, lemon, onion and mayonnaise for a creamy touch.

2. Salad to accompany barbecue

Is it colored salad you want? Then, check out this recipe that brings cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, onions, olives, salt, oregano, lemon, olive oil and green smell. This is a combination that goes very well with meat and makes your dish more nutritious.

3. Broccoli salad

Broccoli is the main ingredient of this salad, however, there are other items that help to complete the flavor, they are: purple onion, apple, carrot and spices. The result is slightly bittersweet and combines different textures. It’s worth a try.

4. Tropical salad

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A classic, this tropical salad is made with lettuce, mango, palm heart, tomato, chives, salt, olive oil and lemon juice. Here, all you have to do is wash, chop and mix all the ingredients. With so much practicality, there is more time left to enjoy each fork.

5. Light salad

That’s a perfect recipe for anyone who wants a full salad. It is made with escarola, purple cabbage, curly lettuce, rocket, watercress, purple lettuce, beetroot, carrot, cherry tomato, quail egg, apple and shredded chicken. To complete, you also learn how to make a sauce with olive oil, vinegar, salt and oregano.


A sure dish for Sunday lunch, there are options for different tastes.

6. Simple mayonnaise

This is a basic option, but it already guarantees a great result. Here, the tip is to use potatoes, mayonnaise, eggs and spices. The texture becomes creamy and you’ll have almost no work in the kitchen.

7. Mayonnaise with carrot

You want to go beyond the combination of potato, mayonnaise, egg and spices? In this recipe, carrots and olives help to complete the dish. They are simple ingredients, but they already add a special touch to your meal.

8. Mayonnaise with pods

Potatoes, carrots, pods, mayonnaise, salt and parsley are the only items used in this recipe. With such a simple list of items, the time in the kitchen is very short.

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9. Mayonnaise with palm heart

Potatoes, mayonnaise, palm hearts, carrots, peas, corn, eggs, olives and spices make up this recipe. This combination is a sure bet for those who want a colorful and flavorful mayonnaise.

10. Mayonnaise with chicken

For those who want a well-developed mayonnaise, it’s worth checking out this option that brings chicken. The meat is cooked and shredded to enter the dish, which is very practical, but makes all the difference in the result.


Rice and risotto are great accompaniment options. See the options:

11. Spiced rice

To give a new face to everyday rice, this recipe proposes adding red and green peppers, eggs, carrots and corn to the preparation. Even without complications, you can get out of the ordinary with such a traditional dish.

12. Green rice

How about serving some rice with a citric touch at your Sunday lunch? For that, the tip of the recipe is to add lemon zest and juice, coriander and spring onion to your plate.

13. Oven rice

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Is that a rice beyond fancy you’re looking for? Then, check out this recipe for baked rice that includes bacon, carrot, onion, pod, corn, pepper, pea, tomato extract and mozzarella.

14. Chicken risotto

Risoto is that ideal dish for those who want to surprise with a dish that is easy to make. This is a version that uses leftover traditional rice. This way, you avoid waste and delight yourself with a new taste.

15. Shrimp risotto

Also made with traditional rice, this is a risotto that takes shrimp to give the dish a more sophisticated touch. The taste of the seafood is remarkable and can please the most varied palates.


There are different masses you can make for your Sunday lunch. Check it out:

16. Sunday Macarronade

Without complications, this recipe is made with little time in the kitchen. This makes it perfect for those who want a tasty dish, which is the face of Sunday. Here, the pasta is accompanied by the classic red sauce and pieces of sausage calabresa.

17. Oven noodles

That’s a noodle recipe that reminds me of a lasagna. This is because the dish is assembled in layers by intercalating pasta, ground meat in tomato sauce and white sauce. To close with a golden key, parmesan cheese and mozzarella also come on the scene.

18. Cannelloni with ham and cheese

To make cannelloni at home, this recipe uses pastry. The filling is made with the classic combination of ham and cheese and catupiry. The finishing touches are seasoned with red sauce and grated Parmesan cheese.

19. Hide and seek chicken

Mashed potatoes and shredded chicken make quite a pair. In this recipe, they are used to form a mouth-watering hiding place. See in the video how the step by step is simple.

20. Bolognese lasagna

To close the topic of pasta, a recipe that could not be left out! Here, the dish consists of layers of pasta, bolognese sauce, white sauce, ham and mozzarella.

Red meat

Choose a red meat option below to complete your meal.

21. Roast meat in the oven

Want to make a roast beef in the oven without wasting too much time in the kitchen? For that, this recipe proposes using steaks. For the seasoning, the tip is to use onion, salt, black pepper, green smell and olive oil. In addition, potatoes also come on the scene.

22. Oven stuffed meat

In this recipe, seasoned steaks are stuffed with prato cheese, ham, green pepper, red pepper, carrot and purple onion. After the steaks are rolled, they are covered with tomato sauce and go to the oven.

23. Pot meat with manioc

You know that very tender meat you cut into your mouth? It’s what you learn to make in this recipe! Besides, manioc still helps to increase the taste of the dish. You only dirty a pot and still guarantee a very juicy dish for your lunch.

24. Giant mincemeat and bacon rock

In this minced meat rocambole, the filling takes olives, tomatoes, mozzarella, ham, corn and peas. For the topping, you will use mayonnaise, bacon, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

25. Oven minced meat parmigiana

Different, this parmigiana is made neither with eggplant nor with steak, but with ground meat. Here, it’s stewed and mixed with boiled and mashed potatoes. This pasta is put into a pan and covered with tomato sauce, ham and mozzarella.


Common for Sunday lunches, the chicken that can be made in many ways.

26. Chicken fillet breaded

To give the chicken filet a new face, how about making an empanada version? This way, you guarantee a crispy peel, which contrasts very well with the tenderness of the meat. To do this, after seasoning the chicken, you have to pass it in beaten eggs and breadcrumbs, then just fry it.

27. Creamy chicken with potato

In this recipe, cooked and shredded chicken is seasoned and combined with tomato sauce and curd cheese. Then it goes to a baking dish with boiled potatoes, ham and cheese. This combination goes to the oven so that the cheese melts. If you want, you can still finish the dish with oregano.

28. Ladle chicken

Pot chicken in tomato sauce is that kind of comforting food that goes very well with Sunday lunch. Here, you check all the tips to make the result very juicy even with little work in the kitchen.

29. Roast chicken on mayonnaise

Chicken shoulder is already a very juicy cut, to make the meat even better, the tip is to put it in a bag with spices and mayonnaise. The time in the marinade should be at least 40 minutes for the chicken to absorb well the seasonings. After that, just roast the meat.

30. Chicken fricassê

Is it creaminess you want? Then check out this recipe! Here, the chicken is shredded and combined with tomato and corn cream. Then it goes into a baking dish and is covered with mozzarella and straw potato, which still gives the dish a crunchy touch.


Whether it’s fried or baked fish, you can find a recipe to call your own.

31. Fried fish fillet

In this recipe, the tip is to cut fish filet into slices and bait. The breading is made with wheat flour, corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, chemical yeast, vinegar and water. After fried, the fish becomes juicy and with a very crispy shell. You can also learn how to make a tartar sauce to serve as a side dish.

32. Simple baked fish

This is a perfect option for those seeking practicality. Here, the fish goes whole in the oven just seasoned and on a bed of potatoes. The pacu is used in the preparation, but you can use another fish of your preference.

33. Baked and stuffed fish

If you want a bigger option, it’s worth stuffing your fish. To do this, you learn to make a very colorful and flavorful farofa. The result is simply irresistible.

34. Portuguese style fish

Fillet of hake, potatoes, red, green and yellow peppers, onion, garlic, olives, olive oil, salt, pepper, eggs and parsley are the ingredients used in this recipe. Following this recipe, you get a dish that mixes different flavors in a single fork.

35. Fish Moqueca

You can make a moqueca without complications and that recipe is proof of that. The fish fillet gets a very juicy broth and can be a great success on your table.

Gluten and lactose free

It also has amazing options of dishes that are gluten and lactose free. Check it out:

36. Stuffed zucchini

In this recipe, the zucchini is stuffed with a chickpea in red sauce and covered with vegan cheese. As a result, you have a light and delicious dish.

37. Pancake

To be gluten-free, this pancake dough is made with corn starch instead of wheat flour. To prepare it, you will also need egg, oil, salt and water. For the filling, you can unleash your creativity!

38. Palm heart pie

Free of ingredients of animal origin, this pie also does not carry margarine. For the dough, a mix of flours with xantham gum, coconut oil and water is made. It has a crispy texture, which contrasts very well with the creamy palm filling.

39. Chicken pie

In this pie, a mashed sweet potato with curd cheese is used instead of the dough. The filling takes shredded chicken to the red sauce, creamy cottage cheese, escarola and tomato. To leave a golden appearance, the tip is to brush an egg yolk over the pie.

40. Chicken pie with cauliflower dough

How about making a pie where the dough is cauliflower-based? The filling is on a shredded chicken beyond juicy. The result is light and full of flavor.


Below, you can check out delicious dishes free of ingredients of animal origin.

41. Zucchini flour

Farofa is that accompaniment that always goes well, so it is worth innovating in its preparation. If the preparation is simple and with few ingredients, even better! Here, the zucchini is grated and then sautéed with spices and corn flour.

42. Jackfruit

In this recipe, the jackfruit is shredded, sautéed with spices and increased with tomato sauce. Versatile, it combines with pasta, rice, salads, pie filling and whatever else you prefer.

43. Zucchini noodles

Have you ever thought about leaving traditional noodles aside and using zucchini instead? That’s the proposal of this recipe that is healthy, tasty and still ready in a few moments.

44. Fricassê vegano

To make a vegan fricassee, corn is combined with coconut milk, water, sprinkle, salt, pepper and olive oil to form the cream. The filling is made with soy protein in a red sauce. To finish, straw potato also comes on the scene.

45. Broccoli risotto

You don’t have to use cheese or butter to get a really creamy risotto and that recipe is here to prove it to you. To get this result, you learn how to make a cashew nut cream that is used in the recipe.


After a fancy meal, there’s nothing better than to savour a tasty treat!

46. 2 Ingredient Gelatin

Even using only two ingredients, this is a two-layered recipe. Underneath, you get a mousse texture and on top, the traditional jelly texture. Besides gelatin, cream is the other item needed for this dessert.

47. Nest milk mousse

Nest Milk is an ingredient that is successful in preparing the most varied desserts, so it is worth checking out this recipe. Here, the preparation is in the blender, which guarantees a lot of practicality in the kitchen. Did you like it? Then write down the ingredients: condensed milk, cream, Ninho milk and flavorless gelatin.

48. Easy chocolate ice cream

Have you ever thought about making an ice cream using only condensed milk, cream and chocolate. And you don’t have to have an ice cream maker, see? The appliances used are the blender and the mixer.

49. Chocolate cream dessert

Made on the platter, this recipe is perfect for sharing with the whole family. Assembled in layers, the dessert is composed only of lemon cream, Bis and chocolate ganache.

50. Easy Italian straw

Brigadier and Maizena Wafers make quite a pair! This way, you get creaminess and crispness in a single bite. See in the video how simple the step by step is.

How about writing down the recipes you liked best for your next Sunday lunch? To accompany the meal, how about preparing a delicious passion fruit caipirinha?

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