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chocolate macaron recipe

The most charming sweet! Yes, we are talking about macarons, this candy in itself is a charm, beautiful on the outside and with an incredible flavor on the inside. Therefore, we separated the best recipe from chocolate macaron For you.

The macaron has two different textures, the outside has a crunchy crust, while the inside is super soft. Although it has the reputation of being a very difficult candy to be made, the truth is that for a perfect macaron, you need a super balanced recipe, and you will learn the best one today.

chocolate macaron recipe

Chocolate Macaron Recipe

60 grams of filtered water
110 grams of egg whites
300 grams of refined sugar
60 grams of cocoa powder
270 grams of almond flour
270 grams of icing sugar
110 grams of egg whites

Preparation mode:
First, we have to make an Italian meringue sigh:

In a saucepan, place the sugar and water, heating until reaching 115°C. At this point, beat the 110 grams of egg whites in an electric mixer until foaming. Then, when the sugar syrup reaches 118°C, pour the syrup into the frothed white and beat again until it becomes a snowy white and the temperature reaches 50°C. The sigh is ready, set it aside.

macaron meringue

In a bowl, mix the other part of the whites (110 grams), the icing sugar, the almond flour and the cocoa powder.

almond flour

Add the meringue to the above mixture in three steps using a spatula.

macaron stitch

Next, place the chocolate macaron dough in a confectioner’s bag with a large perle tip and make the balls on your baking sheet – lined with parchment paper or on your silicone mat.

macaron pasta

Let the dough rest on the baking sheet for 30 minutes, until a pellicle forms and the dough does not stick to your fingers when you touch it.

So preheat it in the oven (oven temperature for the recipe varies), but ideally bake between 120-130 degrees.

Bake until, when touched, they no longer move the rug.

Finally, after baking, let it cool at room temperature.

This chocolate macaron recipe yields 120 macarons, filling up to 60 pairs. It lasts 4 days at room temperature or 6 months frozen.

stuffed chocolate macaron

Brigadeiro filling for macaron

395 grams of condensed milk
250 grams of sour cream
20 grams of powdered chocolate spoons (50% cocoa)
75 grams of chopped semisweet chocolate

Preparation mode:
First, in a pan, place the condensed milk, the cream and the chocolate powder and bring to a boil.

Right after boiling, lower the heat and cook until
soft porridge.

Finally, remove from heat, add the chopped chocolate and mix until smooth.

Only fill the chocolate macarons if both they and the filling are completely cold.

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