Fitness recipes to make your menu easier and varied


In the rush of everyday life it’s hard to keep up creativity when it comes to preparing fitness recipes, which is why we’ve brought 50 ideas for you to add to your menu and vary a lot in preparations. There’s breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert. Check out these delicacies!

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Breakfast fitness

Start the day with fitness recipes for a quick and tasty breakfast!

1. Smoothie fit

The nutritionist Thaisa Leal lists, among the fast and healthy breakfast recipes, a smoothie. To do so, the ingredients are: frozen banana, vegetable milk, blueberries and honey. You can also prepare with the fruits you have at home, keeping the banana frozen, which is essential for creaminess.

2. Easy mug fit cookie

Here, you will need a kneaded ripe banana, a whole egg, a spoon (soup) of oat bran, a spoon (coffee) of cinnamon powder and one of baking powder. Just mix the ingredients and take to the microwave for about 3 minutes.

3. Omelette fit

The omelette is one of the most versatile fitness recipes there is, so we can taste it at breakfast too. In this version, you will need a whole egg and a white, six chopped cherry tomatoes, a cup of raw spinach and spices to taste.

4. Oatmeal

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A protein oatmeal is perfect to start the day off with all the energy! Write down the ingredients: oat flakes, Whey, water or milk and protein to taste for sweetening. Take all the ingredients over a medium heat and stir until it forms a consistency. To serve, add a chopped banana and add, if you like, peanut or cashew nut paste.

5. Toasted Zucchini

Zucchini is our zucchini that’s cut into little strips here. Afterwards you just have to pass some coconut oil, olive oil or butter in a hot frying pan and toast the strips.

6. Sleeping oats

Also known as overnight oats, sleeping oats is amazing at a healthy, vegan breakfast. Also, it is already prepared the night before ー which makes it much easier! The options in the video are: mango with coconut, chocolate with coffee, blueberry or strawberry with lemon and peanut paste, cinnamon and raisins.

7. Loaf of cheese fit

The personal Carol Borba teaches the recipe of a delicious fit cheese bread with only three ingredients. Separate one egg, two tablespoons of grated cheese and one tablespoon of tapioca. The best thing is that it’s done in the microwave for two minutes, then finish in the sandwich!

8. Stuffed Tapioca

A tapioca recipe from the nutritionist Hanna Vita, which is made with the tapioca gum sifted in a frying pan and stuffed with cottage, cherry tomatoes and basil. Try it!

9. Pancake fit

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Separate the necessary items and prepare a fit and protein pancake that is supergosting! The ingredients are: a whole egg, a crumpled banana, Whey Protein of your choice or cocoa powder, a teaspoon of chia seed, two teaspoons of flaked oats and cinnamon to taste.

10. Oat bread fit

Oatmeal loaf with only five ingredients and no milk or egg. Were you curious? For this recipe, you will use oatmeal, salt, olive oil, honey and warm water. If you want, sprinkle oat flakes on top and have an even prettier roll.

Fitness lunch

Now they are options of fitness recipes for lunch, which unite practicality and taste.

11. Salad fit

Salad is a real complete meal, and this is all enhanced with escarola, purple cabbage, curly lettuce, rocket, watercress, purple lettuce, beetroot, carrot, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, fuji apple, shredded chicken, and an incredible sauce. Check out the details on the video!

12. Quinoa fit salad

A classic recipe of quinoa salad, which is complemented with red pepper cubes, half Japanese cucumber, half cup of corn, purple cabbage, tomato, parsley and pumpkin seed ー responsible for the crunchy salad.

13. Zucchini stuffed fit

Want to fall even more in love with fitness recipes? Check out this zucchini stuffed with mincemeat, which is made in the oven and has a delicious tomato sauce. You can’t resist, huh!

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14. Banana farofa fit and cheap

An accompaniment for all the time is this super delicious vegan farofa, made with olive oil, chopped onion, banana and almond flour or any other, such as oatmeal, chestnut, quinoa bran or manioc.

15. Chicken salad fit

Is this where they ordered a megacolored, delicious chicken salad? If so, follow this option prepared by nutritionist Patricia Leite, which yields a lot and has, in each portion, approximately 177 calories, 16 g of carbohydrates, 2.5 g of fiber, 18 g of protein and 4 g of fat.

16. Pancake of minced meat fit

Option of low-carb pancakes without flour, made with egg-based dough, light curd cheese, grated parmesan cheese and baking powder. In addition, it is stuffed with ground meat and spices.

17. Sweet potato with oven minced meat au gratinada fit

In fitness recipes, the sweet potato can’t be missing! This little darling appears here au gratin with ground meat. Watch the video with all the nutritionist tips and step by step!

18. Sweet potato gnocchi fit

For a special lunch, prepare this mouth-watering recipe that has the sweet potato as a star once again. The result is too much and just finish with the sauce of your preference, besides cheese.

19. Strogonoff chicken fit

Impossible not to love strogonoff, right? We chose one with less fat than the traditional one and here, the creaminess is due to one of these options: the light curd cheese, the ricotta cream cheese or even the natural yogurt.

20. Hidden chicken fit

It’s sensational that little chicken hideout! It’s made in 40 minutes, yields six servings and has approximately 235 calories per serving. Keep an eye on the recipe and prepare it at home to enjoy with the whole family!

Fitness snacks

Diversify your snacks also with these 10 fitness recipes for any time.

21. Banana fit chips

To put in a bowl with a lid and get to work, these banana chips are perfect! In a baking dish, add three finely chopped green bananas, squeeze the juice of half a lemon on top and bake at low temperature for one hour.

22. Pizza oatmeal fit

Frying pan pizza to be served at lunch, dinner or a wonderful and quick snack. It’ll be ready in just 5 minutes, can you believe it? For the dough, the necessary items are: two whole eggs, three tablespoons of oatmeal, one of curd cheese and salt to taste. The filling can be made with whatever you have in the fridge!

23. Natural chicken fit snack

Another versatile option, even for children to take in their lunchbox! The natural snack is prepared with shredded cooked chicken, ricotta, grated carrots and green corn. The parsley and spring onion give an extra touch to the taste. Add the filling to a wholemeal bread and it’s ready.

24. Thigh fit

Is there a fit thigh? The answer is yes! It exists and it’s delicious, because it has no mass, it’s gluten-free and rich in protein! Besides, it has ricotta cream and grated parmesan, double that increases the taste.

25. Oat bar fit

We know those industrialized bars aren’t healthy at all, right? One good news is that we can make our own bars at home, with the right ingredients, which make them super-cruciating. Watch the step by step video!

26. Frying pan pie

The fitness recipes prepared in the frying pan have our heart, especially for their speed. Accompany this pie stuffed with ground meat, tomatoes and spices, which has a pasta made with a mix of gluten-free flours.

27. Fast banana muffin

Aiming at agility in cooking and cost-benefit, this super fluffy banana muffin is the highlight! You’ll need crushed bananas, cinnamon, brown sugar (optional), eggs and oats.

28. Tapioca fit

He thought of an easy, quick snack, he thought of tapioca. As for the filling, feel free to add any healthy ingredients you have at home. The nutritionist Thaisa Leal gives a different option with homus paste, sautéed mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots and olive oil.

29. Vegetable fit pie

Delicious fit pie, made with eggs, oregano, oat bran, spinach and carrots. It is baked and looks great to wrap in film paper, and take wherever you want, besides being an option for those who want to have extra income.

30. Quiche fit and vegan

Another recipe from the nutritionist Thaisa Leal. This time, she teaches a flourless and gluten-free quiche with vegan dough. The star ingredient is the chickpea, responsible for the crispy appearance and unmistakable taste.

Dinner fitness

For dinner, write down the best fitness recipes for all tastes!

31. Cauliflower fit stirred

Stirred is excellent, because it is quick and easy to do in just one pot. Check the ingredients: half cauliflower, two eggs, half onion, one tablespoon of olive oil, one spring onion, and salt and pepper to taste.

32. Omelette fit

Although it has already appeared in breakfast fitness recipes, the omelette is a brilliant alternative for dinner. Here, it is prepared with three eggs, salt, oregano, tomato, onion, butter cabbage and shredded chicken.

33. Dinner fit and fast in the frying pan

This recipe is extremely easy and has only sweet potatoes, eggs, boiled chicken, salt, peppers, chives and olive oil. All of this goes straight to the frying pan, taken on low heat for 15 minutes. Then you just enjoy it!

34. Stuffed eggplant

Option of eggplant stuffed with ground meat, full of flavor with spices and tomato sauce. To make it even better, add fresh Parmesan cheese on top, thus achieving a wonderful gratin.

35. Salmon in the oven fit

That salmon in the oven will delight your palate! It takes spices, like curry, thyme and black pepper. In addition, it’s covered with olive oil, lemon juice and purple onion rings. It’s 30 minutes in the oven and ready to serve.

36. Meat rocket fit

Another option from nutritionist Patricia Leite, who shows the recipe for this meat rocambole with spinach, corn, light mozzarella and tomatoes. Keep an eye on all the tips and details presented in the video!

37. Fricassê de chicken creamy fit

Anyone who loves creamy fitness recipes will fall in love with this chicken fricassee. It has lactose-free cream cheese, lactose-free light curd, chopped onions, garlic cloves, green corn, light sliced mozzarella and, of course, the supercuringa, shredded chicken.

38. Dinner simple and cheap fit

Cheap, simple and fast option, composed of the following ingredients: raw cabbage, onion, spring onion to taste, tomato, egg, milk, olive oil, oatmeal and yeast, plus salt, oregano and pepper. Prepare in the frying pan to have even more agility in the process!

39. Sardine fit pie

A great recipe for sardine fit pie, also from the nutritionist Patricia Leite’s channel. Use the oatmeal and finish with the ricotta or cheese of your preference for an impeccable texture!

40. Vegan and fit dinner

You know that eye-catching dinner that looks beautiful on a platter? Other than that, it’s healthy and rich in antioxidants. To do it at home, you’ll need zucchini, tomatoes, parsley, onion, purple onion, carrot, garlic, spices, olive oil and fresh rosemary.

Sweet Fitness

How about sweet and delicious fitness? Check out these 10 surprising recipes.

41. Easy chocolate mousse and fit

This option has only two ingredients: 200 g of half bitter chocolate 50% melted cocoa and a very ripe avocado. If you want, add chocolate shavings to decorate.

42. Brigadier of 3 fit ingredients

Banana brigadeiro fit with cocoa powder, milk powder and granulated chocolate for decoration. You won’t miss the details of this wonderful and easy recipe, eh!

43. Kiss fit

Another proof that healthy eating can be extremely tasty! Easy fit kiss, no need to take to the fire, made with skimmed milk powder, sweetener, grated coconut without sugar and hot water.

44. Vegan passion fruit mousse and fit

For the passion fruit mousse, start by adding to the mix or blender a cup of vegetable milk, a large passion fruit, two and a half spoons (soup) of chia seed, and two of demerara sugar. Beat everything until the chia is well crushed and put in the container to serve, with the passion fruit pulp to finish.

45. Popcorn sweet fit

Beautiful and tasty popcorn, prepared in a pot with three ingredients: popcorn corn, oil or olive oil, coconut sugar, honey or cane molasses.

46. Pineapple sweet with vegan coconut and fit

In this option, we bring pineapple jam with sugar-free coconut and vegan. Take a look at the list of super easy to find ingredients: half a grated mature pineapple, half a cup of unsweetened coconut flakes and two carnations.

47. Pudding without sugar fit

Recipe for the famous pudding, which is made with four ripe bananas, four eggs and 400 ml of milk. The syrup is made with three tablespoons of xylitol, two of water and a vanilla extract.

48. Bread of honey fit

Ju Ferraz, from the TPM channel, Pra que Te Quero? teaches a complete and delicious honey bread. It looks beautiful and makes anyone feel like it!

49. Brownie fit

Sweet chocolates always win! This version of sugar-free brownie fit is made with only four ingredients: 70% cocoa chocolate, eggs, peanuts and coconut oil.

50. Chocolate fit cake

Finishing with a golden key, we chose a recipe for chocolate fit cake. It gets super fluffy and has a shiny coconut milk syrup, zero lactose chocolate powder and demerara or brown sugar.

That’s a lot of delicious fitness recipe options, isn’t it? Add them to your menu and take a peek at detox juice options, and how they complement your diet, making it even healthier and more balanced!

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