Green Corn Broth – Creamy Recipe

green corn broth recipe

When the coldest weather hits, we already think about hot food, the list always comes with broths. So to get out of the traditional soups, how about green corn soup? This broth is super creamy and can be eaten anytime.

This recipe is very simple, in the style we like, without many preparations, it is ready in 30 minutes. Green corn broth is a low-calorie recipe, so you can eat it without worrying.

Check out the recipe:green corn broth recipe

Green corn broth recipe

6 large ears of corn (4 cups or 670 grams)
1 beef broth
2 scoops of green seasoning
4 cups of milk
Salt and pepper to taste
2 cups of water

Preparation mode:
First, choose yellower corn because it has more starch and is perfect for this recipe.

Cut the green corn and beat in a blender with the milk, then strain the beaten corn. Remember to put the milk in the blender first and then the corn, this way, it’s easier for you to blend.

In a pan, saute the seasoning with butter, add the corn that we beat in a blender, add the water, salt and stir constantly until it thickens, let it cook. In this recipe, the seasoning to be used is optional, you can season the green corn broth with what you are most used to.

ready-to-eat green corn broth

Make sure it’s well cooked, it takes about 20 minutes to cook. Cook well as undercooked corn broth easily turns sour.

green corn broth

Smell green or chives and switch off. It’s ready to serve. A good accompaniment are toasts or a nice French bread.

If you want, you can also freeze this fear, that way you’ll always have broth in your freezer. If you want to make other recipes, here on the website we already teach you several broth recipes.

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