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Banana bread is an opportunity to combine ingredients to have warm and easy recipes at home. Whether baked in the oven, in the frying pan or in the microwave, it is always a quick option for any moment. Here are the best recipes we’ve separated for you!

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1. Plain banana bread


Simple but delicious recipe, with few ingredients. The extra taste is due to the banana itself and the powdered milk in the dough. Follow the list of ingredients and the step by step video.

2. Banana bread with frying pan

Quick preparation for you to make every day that takes only kneaded banana, egg, butter, oatmeal, honey and cinnamon to taste. The best is the practicality of doing it in the frying pan, to have a healthy and tasty bread at your disposal.

3. Banana bread with cinnamon

Another simple and quick option, where you add the cinnamon powder for a potent taste and wonderful aroma. The result is a cuddly bread that grows a lot and is excellent to eat with butter.

4. Banana bread with oats

That bread doesn’t take flour and is ready in just 10 minutes. You can take it to the microwave and then finish it in the sandwich maker or frying pan, to be toasted. It’s still worth stuffing as you like: here, the tip is to use light mozzarella.

5. Banana bread without flour and with coconut oil

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A recipe that takes coconut oil and does not go flour, and can be increased with chestnuts on top. The best is that the preparation has only 73 calories estimated for a slice of 50g.

6. Banana bread with raisins

Delicious bread that doesn’t even need to be beaten and gets full of flavor. The recipe includes crushed or chopped peanuts and raisins.

7. Banana bread with almonds

Those who love almonds will be in love with that bagel! On Dani Noce’s channel, they reproduce one of the easiest recipes from the book « Beginners Get… Sorted », which brings over 140 delicious recipes from English cuisine.

8. Banana bread with nuts

Here, youtuber Debora shares with us the recipe for the « banana bread », which is one of the most popular sweets in the United States. The recipe is very similar to ours: they use melted butter, brown sugar, baking soda and nuts.

9. Banana bread with chocolate in drops

This recipe is perfect, because banana and chocolate is a spectacular combination! The chocolate drops are used both in the dough and on top and they exude flavour.

10. Stuffed banana bread

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That bread looks gorgeous and megasty. That’s because it’s stuffed with pâtissière cream and cinnamon. On top, the crystal sugar gives all the charm.

11. Gluten-free, lactose-free banana bread

True super-healthy combination without gluten and lactose. The innovative is that it goes with rice flour, sweet sprinkle, cornstarch and linseed flour. To make it even better, sprinkle linseed over it.

12. Vegan banana bread

Great option for vegans, as there is nothing animal in the recipe. It uses vegan butter, ripe bananas, water, linseed, sugar, baking soda, vanilla essence and wheat flour.

13. Banana bread in low carb microwave

On the Brissa channel, you get a very practical recipe, which is low carb and goes to the microwave. With only four ingredients – egg, mashed banana, oat bran and yeast – you make a neutral preparation, but it’s great. You can add 70% chocolate, nuts, chestnuts or fennel.

14. Banana peel bread

How about a loaf of bread that’s made with just the peel of the banana? It is an excellent option for you to reuse the peels and turn them into a real treat. That way, you don’t waste anything.

Impossible not to be in the mood for those little recipes, isn’t it? Test these delicacies and always have a banana roll to eat at any time of day. And if you want to know why it’s so important to eat this fruit, take a look at this article about the benefits of the banana.

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