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By Heloisa Keiko

On 16.06.21

The guava juice is a drink rich in nutrients and that, incidentally, is very easy to prepare. Check out the benefits that this fruit offers to health, the possible harm and, finally, choose the recipe that suits you best to enjoy this drink in your day to day!

10 benefits of guava juice

Whether for the prevention of diseases or to lead a more nutritious life, the guava juice is a food rich in nutrients that help in the composition of a healthier diet. To learn more about the benefits of this drink, nutritionist Lie Lopes (CRN-8: 10950) explains in detail the advantages of consuming this food! Check it out:

  1. Helps control diabetes: according to Lie Lopes, the guava juice is a great ally of diabetics, « besides being a fruit with low glycemic index, the guava is rich in zinc, which has an effect on insulin secretion and is a great source of lycopene, an antioxidant that also helps in controlling the disease ».
  2. Helps regulate blood pressure: helps control blood pressure levels because it is rich in potassium. « Guava juice regulates the balance in the amount of water present in the body », points the nutritionist.
  3. Improves immunity: The guava is also very rich in vitamin C, which, according to Lie Lopes, has antioxidant properties that improve immunity and have antihistaminic action, or alleviate allergic conditions.
  4. Relieves constipation: Lie Lopes explains that 100 g of guava contains 6.22 g of fiber: « for this reason, the fruit assists in intestinal motility, reducing constipation ». For those who want to take better advantage of these benefits, the nutritionist recommends that the guava juice should not be strained.
  5. Strengthens bones, nails and hair: for being a source of calcium, the guava acts in bone strengthening, in addition to contributing to stronger nails and hair. « In addition, the fruit is also rich in phosphorus, which also has beneficial action on bones and teeth, » explains Lie.
  6. Detox action: the presence of vitamin C also assists in the elimination of heavy metals from the body, often present in beauty products and pesticides, which we ingest through food.
  7. Improves the appearance of the skin: According to the nutritionist, the zinc present in the guava is a great ally for skin health. In addition, vitamin C, which acts with collagen, and the antioxidant action of lycopene, also make the guava juice helps prevent premature aging of cells.
  8. It favors the absorption of iron: Lie Lopes recommends that guava juice be taken after lunch or dinner, as it is rich in vitamin C and aids in the absorption of iron – usually taken by grains, such as beans.
  9. Prevents changes in cholesterol: « the high fiber content and lycopene, both very present in guava juice, are allies in controlling changes in cholesterol levels in the body, » he explains.
  10. Helps in the treatment of fat in the liver: For being rich in lycopene, the guava can be a strong ally in the fight against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, also known as fat in the liver. This nutrient also strengthens cardiovascular health, explains the nutritionist.

Tasty and full of nutrients and beneficial properties for the body, the guava juice is a strong ally for a healthier diet!

Bad effects of guava juice

According to Lie Lopes, guava juice can be harmful for people with some conditions or diseases. Therefore, it is important to take some care when ingesting this food:

  • In case of diverticulitis: according to the nutritionist, people with diverticulosis (or diverticulitis) should avoid this juice: « because it is a disease that leads to the formation of small pockets in the intestinal mucosa, the small seeds of the guava can get ‘stuck’ there, causing a potential inflammation », explains.
  • History of kidney stones: Those who have or have had kidney stones also need to be careful when consuming guava juice, because of the high dose of vitamin C present in the fruit. According to Lie Lopes, people with a history of this disease should pay attention to the recommended daily dosage of this vitamin: « 90 mg/day for men and 75 mg/day for women.

Now that you know the benefits and harms of guava juice, learn different ways to taste this food, to enjoy the best it has to offer:

Guava juice recipes

Versatile and practical, guava juice can be prepared with just water or by mixing other fruits and ingredients, which makes the drink even more delicious! Choose your favorite version and enjoy all the nutrients that guava has to offer:

Guava juice with water

Made only with water, guava and, if necessary, a little sugar, this juice is perfect for those who want to take advantage of all the nutrients that the fruit offers for health! The tip is to beat the juice in the blender with the peel and seeds of the guava. Then, just strain it to remove the remaining pieces.

Guava juice with coconut water

Alternative Seasoning

Light and delicious, this recipe teaches how to prepare the juice with coconut water and a little bit of lemon – this way, you can sweeten the drink without the addition of sugar and, still, bring a touch of acidity that enhances the flavors and leaves everything much more refreshing!

Guava juice with mint

The freshness of the mint leaves combine perfectly with the creamy texture of the guava and make all the difference in the result of the juice: after all, joining freshness and creaminess, it is impossible to resist! Even without straining, the texture of this juice is delicious, and, this way, it is easier to take advantage of the nutrients of the fruit.

Guava Juice with Lemon

With a light touch of acidity brought by the Sicilian lemon, this juice is perfect for those who like a more citrusy flavor. In addition, the juice still takes honey, a more nutritious and tasty way to sweeten the drink! Combining flavor and nutrients, this juice will win you over.

Guava Juice detox

In addition to guava, which, in this preparation, goes with peel and all, the juice still takes banana, apple, lemon juice, flaxseed meal, oatmeal and kale. The taste is super delicious, and the amount of vitamins and nutrients is immense!

Creamy Guava Juice

Made with condensed milk, water and, of course, guava, this juice is ideal for those who like creamier drinks. The fruit, which already has a dense texture, is even more delicious with condensed milk, which sweetens and brings that creaminess that only this ingredient can offer!

Guava juice with acerola

Versatile and delicious, the guava combines with the flavor of various fruits: in this juice, the combination is made with acerola, which brings a light sour, and lemon, which intensifies even more this flavor. This juice is the perfect combination of flavor and health!

Guava Juice with Beets

Full of color and different flavors and delicious, this juice is the sure bet for those who like to use creativity in the kitchen! Besides guava, the drink also has beets, honey and mint, which contribute both to the flavor and to make the drink more nutritious.

If you fell in love with this juice – both for its taste and nutritional properties – be sure to know these juices with medicinal properties!

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