Passion Fruit Brigadeiro – Gourmet

passion fruit brigadeiro recipe

The gourmet brigadeiro became a fad in Brazil, it became one of the most popular sweets at parties and in confectionery stores. Today we are going to teach you the Passion Fruit Brigadeiro. A very simple recipe and the best thing: it won’t cut.

It’s common to make brigadeiro with citrus fruits that it cuts, but there’s the right time to add each ingredient and that’s what you’ll learn with our recipe for Brigadeiro de Passion Fruit. There is no mistake.

passion fruit brigadeiro recipe

Passion Fruit Brigadeiro Recipe

395 grams of condensed milk (1 can)
70 grams of passion fruit juice
20 grams of Nest Milk Powder
200 grams of 17% to 20% UHT cream

Preparation mode:
First, put the ingredients in the pan (minus the passion fruit).

Soon after, mix well until smooth and bring to medium heat to low, stirring.

Remember to use a thick or triple bottomed pan, triple bottomed pans are best for brigadeiro. If you use a pan that is too thin, your brigadeiro may burn.

Afterwards, stir well until the brigadeiro comes out of the pan, it is very important not to stop stirring.

Then, take the passion fruit juice and microwave for 15 seconds.

Finally, remove the pan from the heat, add the heated passion fruit juice, mix well and return to the heat until the point resumes.

dot dough

Place the brigadeiro on a plate and cover it with wrapping paper, let the paper come into contact with the brigadeiro, this way it does not create a film.

brigadeiro passion fruit wrapped in sugar

After it’s cold, you can roll the brigadeiro, the suggestion is to roll it and spread it in the confection you like or in refined sugar. The brigadeiro has a validity of 7 days, this validity is counted from when the plastic film is removed and starts to roll, always respecting the rest time.
passion fruit brigadeiro

This recipe yields 32 brigadeiros of 15 grams. The size of the brigadeiros must be standardized. For this, use a scale.

Want to increase your menu? Here we have already taught how to make the Churro Brigadeiro, which is also one of the best sellers.

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